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  • Trick is taken by the smoke monster, The Garuda.
  • Kenzi decrypts the Garuda's location. 
  • Bo and the team decide to attack the Garuda and save Trick. In order to be successful, Bo will use her blood to unite them into one team. This will prevent the Garuda from using them against each other to reinforce his power.
  • Vex fakes taking the blood, but is found out and ends up taking it.
  • In the fight, Vex breaks his arm and Kenzi is sliced in the stomach. She is healed by Hale's siren ability.
  • The Garuda shows Trick what really happened when he last used his blood to convince him to undo it. Trick refuses and The Garuda enters his body.
  • Vex uses his power to prevent the Garuda from writing in Trick's blood, while Bo attacks and uses the Naga venom on Trick. The Garuda is killed, but so it Trick.
  • Kenzi gives Bo the essence of her grandmother, but instead of drinking it, Bo uses it to save Trick.
  • Bo starts turning dark, but Kenzi breaks the blood bond presumably in time.
  • Kenzi finds she was infected by the Norn blood goop but plays it off as nothing.
  • It ends with Bo looking in the mirror seeing the darkness in her.
Lost Girl
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