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With the Garuda still out there, Bo and the team need to come up with another plan to bring him down. Bo confronts Trick about his relationship to her by suggesting Trick is her father. He denies that, but ultimately decides to tell her the truth. Trick is Bo's grandfather; father to Aife.

Bo calls on the Nain Rouge to present herself and help with the fight against the Garuda. The Nain Rouge refuses at first, but then helps in order to help the Fae in their battle. The Nain Rouge says the the Wolf Spirit was correct that Dyson would have a significant role in the fight. She also tells Bo that the team needs to get help from the Dark Fae.

Bo goes to get Vex to help them in the fight, but finds out he has been imprisoned by The Morrigan. She agrees to procure a briefcase for The Morrigan from The Ash's storage in exchange for Vex.

Bo gets Vex out, but it turns out he wanted to be locked up because he the Red Caps were after him. They end up capturing Vex and Bo agrees to get the briefcase from The Morrigan for them. Bo seduces The Morrigan, handcuffs her and takes the briefcase to give to the Red Caps. When making the exchange of the briefcase, The Morrigan shows up and kills several of the Red Caps. 

In the end, Bo gets Vex to join the fight against the Garuda, but now has to worry about the wrath of The Morrigan.

Kenzi realizes that Dyson needs to get his love back in order to be useful in the fight. They go to the Norn to make a deal, but the Norn refuses. Kenzi later goes back with a chainsaw and blackmails the Norn into giving her Dyson's love by cutting into the tree. While there, Kenzi knocks over a glass with black goo and gets some on her.

Bo claims her role as the champion and asks everyone to join her. They all agree.

Lost Girl
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