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While drunk Kenzi summons a Russian witch, Baba Yaga, to curse Dyson as punishment for his treatment of Bo. Kenzi doesn't remember doing it when she wakes up. Though, Bo wakes up with an unfamiliar mark. They go to Trick to find out what the mark means and find out that Dyson has the same mark. Trick figures out that it is the mark of Baba Yaga, who Kenzi is familiar with from her childhood nightmares.


In order to end end the curse, Kenzi and Bo go to Kenzi's aunt to call Baba Yaga. In exchange for ending Dyson's curse, Baba Yaga wants the succubus, Bo. Kenzi refuses that trade and sacrifices herself instead. Baba Yaga keeps girls prisoners and sacrifices one at a time to the oven for food.


Kenzi tries to find a way out. She sees a guarded chest. Bo also tries to save Kenzi and makes a deal with The Ash. She agrees to freelance for him if he will help her get to Baba Yaga's world.


Bo makes it to Baba Yaga's, but nearly dies. Dyson has to revive her. Kenzi is saved when the guard gets free and pushes her into the oven.


Kenzi tells Bo not to give up on Dyson or Lauren.


Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Bo: We've been cursed.
Dyson: Cursed?
Bo: By Kenzi.
Kenzi: Ta-da

I'm not drunk. I'm coping.