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- The Morrigan sends her minions after Bo because of the picture the succubus took of her tied the bed. When Bo continues to take them out, she comes up with another plan. While Vex was visiting her she planted a bug that would remove Bo's powers.


- The bug turned her into a young kid and Bo started acting immature and didn't remember much about her current life. The bug spread to Dyson and Tamsin too. The three of them messed around like kids, while Lauren and Kenzi tried to figure out what was going on. Once Lauren realized what was causing the actions, she came up a cure and Bo, Dyson and Tamsin went back to normal, but didn't remember what happened.


-When trying to fight off the pigmen the Morrigan sent to kill Bo, Kenzi picked up the "Staff of Righteousness." It was a miraculous weapon that turned Kenzi into a talented fighter. But, she wasn't able to let go of the staff, because it was fused to her hand. Trick tells Kenzi she has to keep the staff, powers and responsibility. She's not happy about that, so Trick tells her how to release the staff.


- Hale is upset that the Morrigan threatened the peace between the Light and the Dark. He tells her he won't stand for it any more. 

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

It can't be easy keeping up with Energizer SuccuBunny.


Did ya like that part where I pretended to fall on my ass, but was actually a stealth missile lasering in on target?