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Bo is convinced that Kenzi is a fake, but her friends all think she has lost it and lock her up. Bo is furious with Lauren for betraying her. Tamsin ends up believing Bo and lets her out of lock up to go look for the real Kenzi. Dyson tries to stop them and Tamsin uses her Valkyrie powers on him. He goes home and the Faux-Kenzi is there and convinces him to let her sleep in his bed. When she tries to take advantage of him, he realizes his mistake, and they struggle over a gun with the Faux-Kenzi getting shot. Lauren shows up and confirms that it isn't Kenzi. Meanwhile, Bo gets weak while hiking to find the real Kenzi and Tamsin offers to feed her. They find the real Kenzi and Dyson shows up too. When they get back to the Dal, Trick informs Bo that he and Lauren have figured out why she's having issues -- The Dawning.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

If Kenzi dies, that's on you ... Sweetie.


Bo: I will never forgive you for this.
Lauren: Well, I hope that's not true.