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- Bo and Lauren appear to be still together despite the Kenzi debacle. When we last saw them, Bo said she didn't want to talk about it and it wasn't discussed again. Their relationship now is unclear, but they definitely are friendly. Lauren has a formula that Bo can take to help slow down her degeneration, but it works less and less with each dose.


- In order to make it through the Threshold, Bo must let go of her fear of the past, which means she must forgive her mother. Bo and Kenzi head back to Bo's hometown. Bo's mother is suffering from dementia and is happy to see "Beth." She cares for her and loves her, though at one point we do see the evil mother that Bo remembered. Though, Bo's mother doesn't remember the encounter later.


- While in her hometown, she finds that her and several of her high school friends unleashed Poludnica or "Lady Polly," who has been killing her classmates. Bo faces off with Polly and sends her back home in the well after dosing her with one of Lauren's syringes. 


- After ridding the town of Polly, Bo is able to forgive her mother in an impassioned speech. In response, her mother says she loves her too and even calls her Bo.


- Dyson leaves the Dal before Bo arrives because he doesn't want to be in the way. Bo gets there and makes it through the Threshold and now her real training begins for the Temple.


- Back at home, Bo tries to get Kenzi to talk about what happened to her, but Kenzi isn't ready. So, instead, Bo asks, "Kenzi, why did you go see the Norn?"


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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I could use some of your patented nerdness.


Bo, no. You can't smash your problems away.