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Bo wakes up left by her friends in the car and shows up to a party already in full swing. Dyson and Lauren are with Vex, while Kenzi and Hale are getting it on.

All of a sudden Bo finds herself waking up alone in the car again. She goes back to the party and it's like Groundhog's Day. She finds she's not the only one in the time loop after Tamsin kissed her. They both work together to try and break the time loop. They eventually do when they realize party goers are being sucked into the wall.

They believe Krampus is taking them. When Tamsin is taken, the time loop stops. Bo finds her and tries to free her, but comes face-to-face with Krampus. He lets Tamsin go, but wants Bo. In the end, Bo frees herself too.

Hale was stuck in the time loop also and used the times to get it right with Kenzi. When she found out, she was upset until he revealed they hadn't consummated their relationship. She forgave him and had Fae sex for the first time.

Lauren and Dyson were on their own with Vex. They were trying to decide what to do with a box that Bo sent to herself. In the end, Kenzi found it and gave it to Bo. It contained a jar of black stuff.

Lost Girl
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