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The Una Mens tell Bo that the Gargoyle read her blood and they are satisfied that she selected to be Dark Fae. They want her to leave and tell her they will kill Lauren and the human terrorist.

Bo goes to look for Vex to find out what he and the Wanderer did to her, but she finds Evony instead. The Morrigan says she has until the Full Moon to undo her selection. Bo attends a Dark Fae party and is reunited with Lauren. 

Morrigan helps Bo find Vex, but it was all a trick to get Vex brought into the open. He didn't know anything about her going Dark. Vex cuts off his deteriorating hand and Bo takes it to Trick for help.

Bo signed her allegiance to the Dark and it was affirmed by a mysterious Rainier. 

Lauren decides to stay with the Dark. They will allow her freedom and protection. Bo's upset and leaves her. 

Trick met with the Una Mens and they explain how the Blood King betrayed them. They don't seem to know that Trick is the Blood King and ask him to be Acting Ash. Arabella's shocked and upset to find out that Rainier was responsible for Bo's blood picking Dark.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

The Light are assholes and the Dark are assholes who have fun.


What kind of boomarang bitch are you?

Bo [to Evony]