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Tamsin is angry at Bo and packing her stuff to move out. She tells Bo that Lauren will always be with her, even when they're not together.

An invitation came for Bo sealed with the symbol of the ancients. Trick, Dyson and Lauren got invites, as well. Vex is worried about Dyson including Mark, and tells him that he will be there if he needs anything.

They are all dressed up and headed to the gathering, but Lauren wonders if it's a trap. The room is dark, but turns out it is a surprise party.

At the party, Bo tells Lauren that she wants to be with her, but Lauren doesn't give her a response. They are interrupted by the appearance of Tamsin, who showed up to help, after all.

Dyson injects Hera with a syringe given to him by Lauren, and he punches Hera in the face when he mentions Alicia.

Zeus tells Bo that she sent the oracles after her to find Bo's truth. Her truth is her desire for freedom from her father. Zeus will give it to her because, she tells her, Hades wants to use Bo to end the world.

Zeus tells Trick and Bo that drinking the Coquetel will help them see the truth. It works and they witness the World disintegrating.

It's revealed that Bo's been feeding Hades through the mark on her chest. Bo's emancipation involves carving her father's mark on her chest. She has to pick the weapon, but if she picks wrong, she dies. She picks a dagger that will keep its owner sober of evil thoughts.

Tamsin and Lauren are working together to restrain Hera. They realize that Hera and Zeus have been restraining Iris while she sleeps. It turns out she is the most powerful of the ancients.

Zeus goes to cut Bo, but is interrupted by Lauren and Tamsin with the news about Iris. They head out to find Mark.

Iris has Mark at the home of CeCe, the girl whose body she is using. She reunites with her father, but he can tell she is not his daughter. Iris kills him and is upset by her actions. She rips the bracelet that Zeus and Hera make her wear, which causes her to feel funny. After she runs off, CeCe's mother appears and stabs Mark.

Tamsin is with Zeus, who witnesses her crying. She's never seen a Valkyrie cry. Zeus shoots her with lightning and she falls to the ground.

Everything Iris touches disintegrates without the bracelet on. When she touches Bo, her hands turn black. The vision Bo and Trick had was about Iris, not Hades!

Lauren gives Bo a favorable response to her proposal before they part ways so Bo can find Iris, while Lauren leaves with Dyson to find Mark.

Trick tells Bo that the answer is in a music box, the original jack-in-the-box. Bo realizes it was the gift from Hades.

At the clubhouse, Zeus is going for the music box, but Bo gets there just in time. Bo manages to overpower Zeus and lock her out of the apartment. She is told that if she opens the box Hades will walk the Earth.

Bo has a vision of Hades speaking to her, and decides that she needs to fight evil with evil. She begins to turn the handle as the room darkens.


Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Look I'll play superhero with you tonight. But there's no way I'm not having fun while I do it.


Zeus: The Amethusto dagger. Interesting choice. Said to keep its owner sober of evil thoughts. Are you sure?
Bo: Rusty dagger. Final answer.