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Bo wakes up on her birthday to a gift from her father. She consults the oracle Cassie, who happens to be on a date. While Cassie is skeptical of his intentions, she quickly comes around to him when he doesn't want a reading. He walks her to her door and kisses her goodnight. After he leaves she becomes afflicted by excruciating pain.

Dyson's son Mark has stuck around and he is working at the Dal. When Bo shows up to meet Cassie, Trick gives her a birthday present – the finger of Alexander the Fae.

Lauren and Tamsin are horrified that they both forgot Bo's birthday. They run out to go shopping and Tamsin picks out a stuffed cat at an antique store that is suppose to act as a lucky talisman.

They decide to have a party at the Dal as well, and Tamsin offers to distract Bo while Lauren gets a cake and organizes the party.

Bo still can't find Cassie and decides to go over to her house. Tamsin offers to come along. They find the crime scene and get Dyson involved.

At the Dal, Bo questions Cassie's cousin Seymour, the soul eater. They learn Cassie was using the dating site "Fae Date."

Mark catches Vex trying to leave the bar without paying and tries to stop him. Vex calls him out for under pouring customers. Vex rock, paper, scissors Mark for a girl and Mark wins.

Mark takes the girl and her friend to Trick's quarters and while he is distracted, the girl's friend steals Trick's Fae ledger.

Meanwhile Tamsin is helping Bo make an online dating profile so she can pose as an oracle and talk to the same guy who was with Cassie the night she died. While they are at it, an imprisoned Cassie with bloody gauze over her face pocket dials Bo.

When the boyfriend of Mark's paramour tries to fight him, Vex comes to his defense.

Bo scores a date with Heratio from Fae Date, who claims he never hurt Cassie. At the same time, Bo realizes she is slowly becoming a cat.

They realize that the "lucky" cat talisman brings luck to the owner by taking it from the person who doesn't pay it respect, which is Lauren in this case.

Instead of looking for a solution, Bo wants to use the cat luck to find Cassie. After all she helped save Dyson before. Bo blindfolds herself and gets behind the wheel of a car with Tamsin and Lauren in tow.

After finding Cassie, it's revealed the Heratio paid Seymour for info on his cousin. And Heratio, it turns out, was one of the victims from the elevator crash whose bodies went missing.

The gang tricks Heratio into stealing the cat's soul and thus freeing Bo from it's control.

Tamsin gives Bo a cupcake for her birthday and then reveals herself to be wearing only a bow. Bo unwraps her present, and after they sleep together she admits to Tamsin that her dad is Hades.

Cassie tells Lauren that the oracles clawed their own eyes out to stop from seeing after they were shown everything from the beginning of time to the end. Heratio has a jar of oracle eyes and learns Bo's true identity.


Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Tamsin: I can't believe we forgot Bo's birthday. We're the worst. I understand how I forgot, because hello, it's me. But how did you forget?
Lauren: I've had a lot going on. I've been very busy.
Tamsin: Sucking up to Evony?
Lauren: I like to call it "working."

Trick: By bringing good luck to its owner, it steals it from those who don't pay it reverence.
Lauren: All this because I didn't respect the stuffed corpse of a dead cat?