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Dyson and Lauren save Kenzi from a permanent dirt nap. While the doc examines the corpse bride they come to believe that Bo is haunting them. 
In actuality, Bo finds herself at the head of a maze. She expects it to lead to her father, but she encounters a goblin who wants her for a snack and torments her using the voices of her friends and family.
A bird shows up, then morphs into a woman who advises Bo that walls of doubt will entrap her if she listens. She need decide what and what not to listen to. Her true voice will lead the way. Bo does as she says and defeats the maze. The young woman helps her back to Tartarus aka hotel hell. 
Bo is bleeding from a bite the goblin took out of her thigh. To heal, she asks permission to suck some energy from her companion. The woman consents and things quickly escalate.
Then comes the awkward part. What do you say to the woman you just had sex with when she tells you you're related? Gross.Turns out she's Persephone, daughter of Demeter, wife of Hades and yup, Bo's, stepmommy. 
While our favorite succubus is getting busy, so is Lauren. The doc is seduced by a spirit. Only after Kenzi gets her gypsy on and tries to pull Bo through a spirit board do the two realize Casper the groping ghost isn't their Bo! Freaked out, they burn the board.
After pledging his fealty, Dyson does everything in his power to keep the gate to Valhalla open for Bo to exit. Stacey discovers him when she leaves to find a soul to replace Kenzi's. Valhalla is off-balance now and Freyja has instructed her to find a soul close to Bo's heart to restore order.
Dyson pretends he doesn't know Bo well, but offers his help to a smitten Stacey. 
Bo visits see her old nursery and comes to realize her mom loved her. Persephone then leads her to the Artemis Moon Candle. The candle was gifted to her from Demeter and will light her way out of Tartarus. She gives Bo the candle since she still has a long time remaining on her six-thousand year sentence, but she asks that Bo light the candle on the surface so her family will know she's safe. 
Stacey steals Dyson's phone and makes her way to Bo's house where she intends to steal Lauren's soul, but Tamsin stops her.
Team Bo sits down to a family dinner. When Bo and Lauren excuse themselves for a moment they're attacked by a ghost. Burning the board wasn't enough to rid it, but Kenzi shooting it is. 
Kenzi knows things with the fae are never over so she tells Bo she's leaving. It's time for her to do something different, something human. Hale left her some land off the coast of Spain so she'll head there. 
The best friends say a teary goodbye and we last see Bo lighting Persephone's candle and trying to let a little light into her life. The flame seems to have a direct impact on a woman lawyer. How will she come into play?
Lost Girl
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Crikey! Your hands are colder than a Yeti's snow gnads.


My tongue is perfectly pressed. I've gotten maje compliments about it.