When a young Fae shows up at their door, Bo wants to help, but Tamsin is skeptical. Which Fae has it right? Find out when you watch Lost Girl online!

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Tamsin and Bo are surprised when a young Fae shows up at their apartment. He claims he is being pursued by a Hunter who ends up killing those around him. He watched him mom die when he was six, and most recently a girl he was talking to on his way out of town.

Tamsin doesn't believe his story, but Bo wants to help. It seems like Tamsin may be right when the boy Mark robs them and runs away.

Lauren visits Evony, who is human and gold digging her way through mortal life. Evony is concerned about Lauren't progress finding a serum to return her to Fae.

After Trick is rescued by Vex outside the Dal, he brings the mesmer to Dyson. Dyson is not a fan of Vex since his actions resulted in Hale's death.

When Bo is shot by the Hunter, her wound won't heal even with Tamsin's Chi. Lauren shows up just in time and finds a parasitic component that is preventing the wound from healing.

Lauren, Dyson and Vex realize that a series of murders were carried out by a Fae cult, but before they can investigate, Dyson is called to Bo's aid.

Dyson realized Mark is a shifter who has not shifted yet and the Hunter is after him because of his shifter nature. It also comes to light that Mark is his son.

Episode Details

On Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4, Trick goes to Dyson for help while Bo and Tamsin are divided over how to best assist a young Fae.

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Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Tamsin: And the Oscar goes to...
Lauren: 12 Years a Babe

Lauren: Did you know that the bone in this knife dates back to the Mesopotamian era of Ancient Greece?
Bo: How would I?
Lauren: Uh, carbon dating?