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This episode opens with an eye. It's Jack's eye, and he wakes up in a suit in the middle of the jungle. He hears Hurley screaming for help.

Jack finds Hurley nearly drowning by the waterfall, so he jumps in to save him. They see Kate on the side of the pond and get her.

They wake her up, and she asks if they're back. Indeed they are.

46 hours earlier ...

In L.A., Eloise Hawking takes her guests down to her lair underneath the church. Eloise calls it The Lamppost and says it's what the DHARMA Initiative used to find the Island.

The Lamppost was built over a specific pocket of energy that mirrors similar pockets across the world. One of those other pockets is on the Island.

The Island is constantly moving and impossible to find, however.

But all is not lost. A mysterious man designed a series of equations to help predict where the Island would be at specific moments in time. One such window is currently open, but it will be closing shortly.

Desmond is done with all this and yells at Eloise for making him go to the island, ruining his life. She claims the island isn't done with him, but Desmond says he's done with it and storms off.

Ms. Hawking claims that in order to get back, the survivors must board Ajira Airways flight 316 to Guam and recreate as much as they can from the first flight that brought them there, which means getting everyone they can to board the flight.

But Jack has even more to do. Ms. Hawking calls him into her office and hands him John Locke’s suicide note.

She claims that Locke will serve as a proxy for Jack’s dad, who was in a coffin on the original flight. In turn, Jack must give Locke something of Christian’s.

Ben leaves to "tie up a loose end" with an old friend.

Jack gets a call from a retirement home where an old man named Ray was trying to escape. Ray is Jack’s grandfather, and Christian’s father.

In Ray's suitcase, Jack finds a pair of Christian’s shoes and asks Ray if he can take them, and his grandfather obliges.

When Jack gets home, he pours himself a drink and hears a noise. He finds Kate collapsed on his bed. Kate agrees to go with him back to the Island, but only if Jack never asks her about what she did with Aaron.

The next morning Jack and Kate wake up and she leaves for the airport. Jack gets a call from a roughed up, bloody Ben who says he got sidetracked and now Jack has to pick Locke's body up from the butcher shop.

At the butcher shop, Jack and Jill, Ben's friend, go in the back. She gets the truck while Jack puts his dad’s shoes on Locke’s dead body.

Before closing it back up, Jack puts Locke's suicide note back in the coffin, saying he's told him everything he needs to know.

At the airport, Jack is stunned to see Sayid being escorted onto their plane by a federal agent. Hurley is also at the gate, having bought 78 seats for himself to save innocent people from what is about to happen.

Jack is confused as to how Hurley and Sayid found out about the flight. Hurley says all that matters is that they're there.

As the door to the cabin is about to close, Ben rushes in, happy as a clam, with a bruised and bloodied face and one arm in a sling.

With Jack, Kate, Sun, Sayid and Hurley on board, Ajira Airways flight 316 takes off. En route to Guam, the pilot comes over the loudspeaker.

Frank J. Lapidus just happens to be flying the plane.

Jack asks a flight attendant if he can speak with him, and after coming back to the cabin and discovering who his passengers are, Lapidus realizes they probably aren't going to Guam on this day.

A flight attendant gives Jack back the suicide note, saying someone found it on Locke's body when they screened it at the airport.

Later on the plane, Ben is busy reading, while Jack is waiting for something to happen. Jack tells Ben about the note, and Ben Jack to read the damn thing.

Ben leaves to give Jack privacy, and Jack reads it: "Jack, I wish you had believed. JL" Just then, the turbulence starts.

Things get rough on the plane and then there’s a glowing light and...

Without explanation, we’re back to Jack in the jungle. He saves Hurley and Kate, as he did at the beginning of the episode. They wonder what happened and where Sayid, Sun and Ben are.

Then a DHARMA van rolls up, a man jumps out and points a gun at Jack, Kate and Hurley and he is revealed to be ... Jin. In a DHARMA suit.


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Lost Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

The Island isn't done with you yet, Desmond.

Mrs. Hawking

These people are just using us! They are playing some kind of game and we are just the pieces!'