A young boy is ordered by his father to kill a chicken. He can’t do it, but the boy’s younger brother walks over and chokes it to death without a second thought. The boy who killed the chicken is Sayid.


Young Ben shows up with another sandwich for the imprisoned Sayid. When he gives it to him, Ben asks if Richard sent him, suggesting that he might be able to help Sayid escape.


Sayid is tracking down a Russian man to assassinate. This is when he was a contract killer on Ben’s payroll, and when the hit is done, Ben tells him that this was the last person on his list, so Sayid is free to do whatever he wants.


Horace and Radzinsky try to interrogate him, but Sayid doesn’t say anything.

Juliet worries that the arrival of their friends from the future will spell the end of her happy life with Sawyer. He promises to fix it, so he goes to Sayid with a solution.

Sawyer asks Sayid to go along with the lie that he’s a Hostile who wants to defect so that they can keep living their lives in the DHARMA Initiative, but Sayid wants no part in it.

Hurley prepares some food for Kate and Jack, who discuss the fact that Juliet and Sawyer are now an item, a fact that went over Kate’s head.

Meanwhile, young Ben brings Sayid another sandwich, but this time there’s a janitor mopping up the cell - Roger Linus, Ben's dad.

Roger is taunting Sayid and becomes furious when he discovers his son was bringing the Hostile sandwiches and starts roughing Ben up.


With his hit man days behind him (or so he thinks), Sayid is building homes in the Dominican for charity when Ben shows up to tell him John Locke is dead, and that Hurley is in trouble. He wants Sayid to kill someone else because he thinks Sayid is a natural killer.


Horace, Sawyer and Radzinsky take Sayid to see Oldham, an old man living in a teepee in the woods. Who is Oldham? Sawyer tells Sayid, “he’s our you.”

Oldham ties Sayid to a tree and feeds him some type of LSD or ecstasy or something. Whatever it is it's supposed to make him reveal the truth.


Sayid is on the dock where Jack first assembled the Oceanic 6 and Ben the night they all gathered to return to the island. Of course, it didn't go quite how Jack planned, if you recall - Sayid takes off.

At the time that episode aired, his whereabouts were unknown. But now we see that he went to a bar, where a sexy woman flirts with him over $120 glasses of scotch. She’s none other than Ilana.

They go back to a hotel room to get it on, but she kicks him and knocks him out. Ilana isn’t a U.S. marshal, but a bounty hunter hired by the family of the man Sayid killed on the golf course. For reasons unexplained, they want Sayid taken to Guam.


Once the drug hits his system, Sayid starts whimsically blabbing about how he came from Ajira 316 and he used to be on the Island for 100 days, and (luckily) Radzinsky cuts him off before he can incidentally out Sawyer.

Sayid describes all the DHARMA hatches, which really freaks Radzinsky out, as he's already thinking Sayid is a spy. Sayid then makes an “I’m from the future” comment that makes Oldham think he overdid it with the drugs, only Sayid just laughs and tells him he used just the right amount.

Back at the barracks, the DHARMA leaders hold a meeting. Radzinsky wants to kill him, and if they don't, he threatens to call Ann Arbor.

Horace takes a vote, and everyone votes to kill him except Sawyer. Horace puts the heat on "LaFleur" to make the vote unanimous, so stuck between a rock and a hard place ,he reluctantly raises his hand as well.

Sawyer quickly tries to warn Sayid and help him escape - to flat out let him walk out the door - but Sayid refuses as he believes this whole thing is his purpose.

Dumbfounded by this reference to his purpose, Sawyer rushes off to see Kate and ask why they all came back. Kate says she can't speak for anyone else, but she knows why she did.

Before she can go any further, a DHARMA van with flames pouring out all the windows crashes through the town and into a building, igniting a huge fire.

Proving his reputation as LaFleur, head of security, Sawyer takes control of the situation and barks orders to everyone to help get the fire out.

He radios Phil, who was guarding Sayid, and says he needs his help ASAP. As Phil bolts, young Ben is lurking in the dark, and then emerges to help jail break Sayid.

He begs Sayid to take him back with him to the Hostiles. Sayid coolly says that he was sent there to do just that.


It's the day Ajira 316 is about to take part. When Sayid sees his Oceanic 6 friends awaiting the flight to Guam, he asks Ilana if this flight is really going there. Then he begs her to let them go on a different flight. She is not having it, nor does she appear to know what he's talking about.

On the plane, Sayid sees a bloodied Ben board. Sayid asks Ilana if she’s working for Ben Linus - an evil monster who watched his own daughter be killed to save himself and who is responsible for genocide.

Ilana says she has no idea who Ben is or what Sayid is even saying.


Sayid and little Ben escape from the prison and run through the jungle. They run into Jin, who's patroling. Sayid convinces not to call for help, then suddenly subdues with a marital arts move. Jin is out cold, but not dead.

Young Ben urges them to run away, but Sayid just kneels by Jin and tells him “You were right,” referring to future Ben’s claims that he’s a killer.

Sayid takes Jin’s gun and shoots Ben in the chest. The little boy falls to the ground as Sayid high-tails it through the jungle.


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Lost Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Sayid: Who's Oldham?
Sawyer: He's our you.

Juliet: It's over, isn't it?
Sawyer: Is what over?
Juliet: Us. This. Our life.
Sawyer: Ain't nothin' changed.