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This episode of Lost perfectly combined the show's mythic plot details with intriguing character development. Let's get to the recap!

We start at the well, immediately after Locke has turned the frozen donkey wheel and a flash has rendered the well as nothing but a rope sticking into the ground. Another flash occurs. This one is different, everyone on the scene - Sawyer, Juliette, Miles and Jin - agree. Their headaches and nose bleeds have gone.

Might the flashes have stopped with this final one? The group thinks so, but now Sawyer says they will wait for Locke to return. For how long will they wait, Juliette asks? "As long as it takes," Sawyer respond.

Three years later... Two men in Dharms suits are hanging out in a station, checking monitors. They see a man out by the the security system in the field, tossing dynamite at trees. They say it's Horace Goodspeed (the man that recruited Ben's father to join the Dharma Initiative) and run to tell "LaFleur" about the situation. These men seem afraid to wake LaFleur at 3 a.m., but it's am emergency. They knock on the door of one of the Dharma houses that saw saw The Others living in years later. The door opens - and Sawyer is standing there. What the?!?!?

Three years ago... Sawyer, Juliette, Miles and Jin come upon Faraday in the forest. He is mourning the death of Charlotte, whose body has not jumped this final time with everyone else. Faraday confirms that the flashes have stopped, so what do they do now? Sawyer says they should go back to the beach. On the way there, the group sees a woman in the distance. She's crying, a body is on the ground and two men are placing a bag over her head. Go help out, Sawyer! With Juliette covering him, Sawyer intervenes. The men try to shoot him, but he and Juliette take them down and rescue the woman.

She's a crying mess and she has two requests: 1. take her dead husband, Paul, back to where she came from; 2. Bury the dead bodies because otherwise the "truce" will be in jeopardy. Our group of castaways agrees.

On the way back to Dharma's camp with this woman, whose name is Amy, the group cannot avoid being knocked out by the security system. When Sawyer awakens, he's inside a building with Horace. Goodspeed grills sawyer, who makes up a name - James LaFleur - and a story: he and his friends were ship-wrecked. They were in the forest trying to find the rest of their crew. Goodspeed sort of believes the story, but says they all must be on the submarine in the morning because only those associated with Dharma are allowed at the barracks.

Three years later... After bringing a drunken Horace back home, Sawyer - sorry, LaFleur - talks to Amy. Looks like she's married to Goodspeed now. He's explaining how he found Goodspeed wasted, when Amy goes into labor. She's rushed to the infirmy, but the doctor on call has never performed a C-section, which Amy needs. Sawyer knows what to do! He runs and finds Juliette, who needs convincing that she ought to deliver this baby. She's never had luck with that on the island before, remember.

Juliette, who had been working as a mechanic for Dharma when Sawyer found her, rushes to Amy's side. She successfully delivers a baby boy and her and Sawyer cry over that fact afterwards.

Three years ago... An alarm rings at the Dharma compound. Everyone rushes inside. Richard Alpert walks up and Goodspeed goes to talk to him. They argue about what happened earlier in the day, with Richard complaining about two dead men and the breaking of a "true." He also mentions something about how the security system has no effect on him. Weird. Sawyer then insists on speaking to Alpert and tells him that Dharma did not break their true, he did. And just who is he, if he's not part of the Dharma Initiative?

Sawyer mentioned Jughead, the atomic bomb. He talks about Locke coming to see Alpert back in the 50s. He certainly convinces Richard that he isn't part of Dharma and he makes an accord: in exchange for Paul's dead body, Alpert's people will be satisfied and the true will be back on. Due to Sawyer's successful intervention, Horace says he and his friends can stay two more weeks - before the submarine makes another voyage to the mainland - and search for their missing crew members.

Sawyer must talk Juliette into remaining on the island, however, as she's convinced that the flashes have stopped, Locke has completed his mission and all she's ever wanted to do is leave. But how can you say no to Sawyer, who asks Juliette who will get his back if she's gone? She agrees to stay for the two weeks. As we now know, though, that turns into three years. Speaking of which...

Three years later... Sawyer - again, in the guise of LaFleur - is happily walking among the barracks. He stops to pick a flower. He enters a house, where wine and a home-cooked meal is waiting for him. And you can guess who cooked it, right? Juliette. These two embrace. They each tell the other one "I love you."

Later on, Sawyer is comforting Horace about the fight he had with Amy. Goodspeed said it started over Paul and asks Sawyer if three years - the amount of time since Paul's death and the amount of time since Sawyer has last seen Kate, a fact Horace doesn't know anything about, of course - is enough time to get over someone. Sawyer says yes. He says he used to know a girl, but now can barely remember what she looks like. That's about to change, though.

Sawyer is woken up - while sleeping next to Juliette - by a call from Jin. Sawyer races out and meets Jin in a field. But Jin isn't alone, of course. Out of the van step Hurley, Jack... and Kate. The episode ends with a look of shock on Sawyer's face.

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Lost Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Now we wait for [Locke] to come back... as long as it takes.


She's gone. She's dead. There was another flash and she was gone.

Faraday [on Charlotte]