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Ajira Airlines 316 is in flight the episode opens. The plane hits some turbulence and Lapidus, in the cockpit, isn’t happy with what he knows is about to happen.

Things get rough and there’s a giant flash of light.

Once the light is gone, it’s gone from night to day and Frank is about to crash into the Island. Lapidus does some maneuvering and manages to land the plane on a runway (presumably on the secondary island).

The crash knocks him out, and when he comes to, his co-pilot is dead. Frank moves back to the seating area and sees that, for some reason, Sun is the only one of the Oceanic 6 still on board the aircraft.

Ben is there too. He says they’re gone, and when Lapidus asks how that's possible, Ben's response is, “How would I know?”

... 30 YEARS EARLIER ...

Sawyer reconnects with Jack, Hurley and Kate, and everything’s happy until Hurley asks why he’s in a DHARMA jumpsuit. It's 1977, he says.

Sawyer tries to hatch a plan to bring them in, as it's not exactly easy to explain where they came from, but as soon as Jin hears that Sun was on the plane, he speeds off to the Flame to check with Radzinsky.

At the Flame, Radzinsky is building a model of a dome. Jin asks if there have been any plane sightings. No, but after checking with other stations, a blip on the radar suggests a Hostile has entered the perimeter.

Jin runs after it, hoping that the “Hostile” is his wife.

It’s not, but it's Sayid. He is happy to see Jin, but less so when Radzinsky arrives and points his gun at him, forcing Jin to go along with the assumption that Sayid is a Hostile.
Sawyer returns to the barracks and tells Juliet about who he found. They’re both stumped about how it happened, but the submarine is bringing in some new recruits - the perfect cover for their ruse.

Juliet takes the passenger manifest from Amy to help with the plan. Juliet asks if Amy has named her baby, and she has: Ethan.

Sawyer returns in the van to pick up Jack, Sawyer and Kate and tells them about the plan for them to pose as DHARMA recruits.

On the van ride back to the barracks, Sawyer is talking to Jack about time travel and their situation, and how Faraday has some theories about what they can and cannot do here in '77.

Jack asks if Faraday is there with them. “Not anymore,” Sawyer says.

Sawyer tells them to play along with the DHARMA initiation and to get their assignments. Jack, Kate and Hurley go through DHARMA processing.

Jack is interviewed by Pierre Chang, a.k.a. Dr. Marvin Candle. Jack is going to be doing janitorial work in the shed. Kate isn’t on Phil’s list, but Juliet comes in to save her with a new, fake list.

They all smile and pose for an orientation photo.

Miles drives up and asks what the hell is going on, then tells Sawyer that a hostile has been captured. Sawyer gets on the walkie talkie with Jin, who sneaks away from Radzinsky for a second to tell him it's Sayid.

Sawyer drives over as Radzinsky wants to shoot Sayid because he thinks he’s a spy who saw the model of the Swan and where they plan on building it.

In the holding room, Sawyer, as LaFleur, interrogates Sayid and coerces him into admitting that he’s a hostile, which allows Sawyer to take him back to the barracks as part of the truce.

He takes the prisoner downstairs and locks him up, leaving him for another day. Still unable to get a moment alone to explain, as they are around the other DHARMA people constantly, he gives Sayid a knowing look.

Sawyer goes home to read, and Jack stops by to ask what the plan is. The two get into an argument, and Sawyer says that while Jack acted impulsively and got a lot of people killed, he likes think things through.

In the jail where Sayid is locked up, a little boy walks over to give Sayid a sandwich, after Sawyer ordered a DHARMA guy to get him some food.

The little boy's name is ... Ben.



On the beach, and surveying the wreckage, Caesar and Ilana are the new Jack and Kate, taking control of the situation. Lapidus tries to calm everyone down, but Caesar wants to look through the buildings and cages.

Ben wanders off as only he can, and Sun follows him.

When she catches up to him, he says that he’s going back to “our Island” and asks if Sun would like to come with him.

She goes along with it in hopes that Jin is on the main island.

Frank catches up to them as they go for one of the three canoes. He begs her not to trust Ben. Frank and Ben begin to argue, as Sun sneaks up behind Ben with an oar and knocks him out cold.

Sun and Lapidus take the boat to the main island and head to the barracks. They’re abandoned and the two hear whispers and possibly the smoke monster all around them.

A light goes on in one house, and out walks... Christian Shephard. Sun asks where Jin is, and he tells her to follow him.

Inside the house, Christian takes down a photo from 1977. It’s the DHARMA orientation group photo and Sun sees all her friends in it.

Christian tells her she has a long journey ahead.


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Lost Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

[to Jin] Dude. Your English is awesome.


Jack: John's dead.
Sawyer: Dead? How?