"Pamela Part 3"

On the fourth season finale, Louie and Pamela's relationship continues.

"Pamela Part 2"

Louie and Pamela got out on a date on the latest episode of Louie.

"In the Woods"

Louie takes the time to events from his past on the latest episode.

"Pamela Part 1"

After things go wrong, Louie ends up on the rebound.

"Elevator Part 6"

Louie finally succumbs to mother nature in Elevator Part 6.

"Elevator Part 5"

Louie reconnects with Amia on this episode of Louie

"Elevator Part 4"

Louie and Janet look for help on this episode of Louie

"Elevator Part 3"

Louie runs into someone he knows from his past on the conclussion of a three-part episode of Louie.

"Elevator Part 2"

Louie makes a new friend and invites her out to lunch on part two of this three part episode.

"Elevator Part 1"

In episode 4 of the show's fourth season, Louie helps out one of his neighbors.

Louie Quotes

That's young nervous penis. When you're 24 and single, your penis is like the young, nervous guy in the World War II movie in the foxhole. Any sound your penis hears, it's like, 'WHAT WAS THAT?!? LET'S GO! LET'S GO LET'S GO! I'm married in my 50s. My penis is relaxed. My penis is sitting in the chair, smoking a pipe, reading the paper. My penis is like Bing Crosby. It hears a noise it's like 'I think I heard a noise, could be a hand, could be a vagina, bub bub bub.


This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and my dad hung himself in front of me, while masturbating.