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Louie is still unsure about his decision to pursue the Letterman job. He asks for his wife’s opinion and, to his dismay, she strongly urges him to pursue it.
He meets with Jack Dahl (played by David Lynch), the man who will train him to be a late night talk show host. Their first meeting is brief and awkward – Louie has to work on his timing.

At his apartment, he gets a call from Jay Leno who, when Louie asks if he should take the job, tells Louie it’s not worth it.

Louie tells Chris Rock this at a diner and the fellow comedian calls Leno a liar, stating it’s all part of the ‘Late Night Wars’. Louie feels dumb for believing Jay and leaves. Rock then gets on the phone and asks about Letterman’s retirement.

Another session with Dahl doesn’t go well. The mentor tells Louie to get a suit, and Louie vehemently refuses. Dahl orders him to see a guy.

The guy turns out to be Alphonse, a boxing trainer. He tells Louie to suit up and face a boxer far superior and proceeds to get his ass kicked.

Back at home, Louie holds an ice pack to his black eye as he watches Maria Menounos announce that Chris Rock is a strong candidate for the job.


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Louie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Sent here? What are you, a letter? Nobody sent you.

Jack Dahl

Well you know, you're the hip guy, the cool guy. That used to be me. But then you gotta do 14 minutes a night, every single night. Nobody's hip every single night.

Jay Leno