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At the dinner table, Louie and his two daughters tell knock knock jokes. Jane, the younger daughter, breaks out what Louie believes are “great” jokes. He brings this up during his stand-up routine, explaining why he appreciates them so much.

The next comedian, Alan, talks about being married without kids, by choice. He goes on to talk about young, nervous penis vs. older penis. He and Louie grab a bite to eat after the show and the comic invites Louie over for dinner, citing it as his wife Debbie’s idea. Louie begrudgingly accepts.

When he arrives at his friend’s house for dinner, he meets Debbie’s friend, Lori (played by Oscar winner Melissa Leo) who is the other half of a surprise double date. The dinner doesn’t go well, but as Alan and Debbie fight, Louie and the woman bond over a cigarette outside. They go to a bar and continue the fun.

As they leave in Lori’s truck, she pulls up behind the bar and blows Louie, who refuses to return the favor. After some hardcore cajoling and a bet that she can get him to do it, Lori forces Louie to go down on her, thus winning the bet.


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Louie Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

That's young nervous penis. When you're 24 and single, your penis is like the young, nervous guy in the World War II movie in the foxhole. Any sound your penis hears, it's like, 'WHAT WAS THAT?!? LET'S GO! LET'S GO LET'S GO! I'm married in my 50s. My penis is relaxed. My penis is sitting in the chair, smoking a pipe, reading the paper. My penis is like Bing Crosby. It hears a noise it's like 'I think I heard a noise, could be a hand, could be a vagina, bub bub bub.


Intimate? Me sucking your dick isn't intimate?