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Omarion and Apryl are practicing for their at home water birth and discussing her relationship with Miss Leslie. Omarion tells her that he's asked his mother to apologize to her. Later, Miss Leslie drops by to see Apryl. At first she is hesitant to apologize, but after seeing that she disrespected Apryl the two come to an understanding and Apryl tells her she would like her at the birth. 

Nia and Soulja Boy continue discussing moving in together and cementing their relationship. Nia visits a few of her sisters to ask them how they feel about her relationship. They tell her that it's time for Nia to introduce him to their father. 

At lunch, Nia's father Teddy Riley grills Soulja Boy, letting him know that's he's seen things on the internet involving Soulja that he doesn't like. His only concern is that Nia is safe with him and he feels Soulja has a lot of proving to do. 

Ray J visits the radio station to talk to Yesi about her role in getting Morgan fired. He blames Yesi for him firing Morgan and the two get into a verbal argument before Ray J is kicked out. 

Later, Ray is arrested for allegedly grabbing a woman's butt, spitting on an officer and kicking out the window of a police car. When his manager picks him up, he asks Ray J if he may have a drinking problem but Ray J denies this. 

Meanwhile, Teairra decides to reach out to Ray J but their conversation does not go well, as Ray J refuses to even acknowledge their past relationship. 

Hazel writes a rap over the beats that Berg gave her and when she plays it for me, he is not happy. He tells her she can't use any of his music and she attempts to hit him in the face. 

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
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