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At the opening of the new strip club Masika is promoting, Hazel, Teairra, Masika and Nikki square off. Nikki is furious that Masika is the face of a club associated with her family, but she doesn't get to confront her as Hazel uses the opportunity to yell at Teairra. 

Nikki meets with her mother to ask her about getting Masika off the billboard promoting their new strip club. Her mother shows her Masika's mug shot from years ago and reveals that Masika was arrested for burglary. 

Later, Teairra arranges a sit down between Nikki and Masika that goes nowhere as the two continue to bicker. 

Omarion and Apryl discuss her complicated relationship with her mother and she decides she wants to reach out and ask her some questions. Apryl's water breaks later and she and Omarion prepare for the birth of their son.

Amanda goes to Fizz and tells him about the altercation with Moniece. Fizz agrees to talk with her but tells her that Amanda has gotten into this situation herself which angers her. When Fizz and Moniece meet up, she tells him that she doesn't think Amanda is ready to be a mother and Fizz informs her that no matter what he has his son's best interest at heart.

Ray J is sentenced to probation after his brush with the law. He meets with his father, who tells him that maybe he needs to apologize to Teairra and get closure with that relationship.

Soulja Boy and Nia discuss her postponing her move into his house as he's worried about her safety while he is out on tour. 

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
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