Heading Out - Lovecraft Country
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Leti receives an unwanted guest -- Christina. Leti determines that Christina left her the money she used to buy her house. Christina wants Hiram's model of the solar system. Leti doesn't know that Hippolyta took the model. But it's broken. Tic tells Leti that he's not going back to Florida until he's sure she and his family are safe. Tic is determined to return to Ardham for answers, and Leti shames Montrose into helping. Two cops pick up Christina and bring her to Captain Lancaster, who isn't happy to see her. Hippolyta and Diana invite themselves along for the trip east. They go to the museum where Montrose suspects Titus's vault is hidden. Tic locates the vault in Titus's statue. The security guard lets them in afterhours. The moonlight illuminates the switch to open the vault. All three descend a rope. They argue about which of three tunnels to follow. Leti crosses a narrow plank over a chasm. When she slips, Tic hurries after her. There's a swinging blade as a boobytrap, but Leti jumps by it. The plank starts to dissolve and Tic has to go back to catch the jumping Montrose. They run across to a locked door. Montrose recalls the combination from the Order's handbook. They walk through rising water. They trio finds the locked vault door. Tic shoves his hand in the lock. His blood opens the lock and a rope ladder drops down. In the chamber above, they find skeletons. One, Yahima, re-animates, seeking TItus. Titus brought Yahima back to translate his book. Tic asks for help translating Titus's pages but Yahima refuses. The room floods when Montrose grabs those pages. The quartety jumps into the elevator. Tic kisses Leti. Hippolyta decides to go to Ardham. Yahima agrees to help. Then Montrose kills her.

Lovecraft Country
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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Don't let the men fool you into thinking it's always about them. [Tic's] blood may have power in it but that's only because Titus spelled it that way. It doesn't make Tic special. Not really. Certainly not enough to get away with murder.

Christina [to Leti]

Smells like Tulsa.