Seeking Answers - Lovecraft Country
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Hippolyta attempts to understand Hiram's orrery. She discovers a key hidden inside the orrery. Christina explains her ambitions to Ruby. The spirit of Hanna is trying to communicate with Tic and Leti through their dreams. They decide Hanna stole the Book of Names. Montrose and Sammy get into a tiff then they run into Tic and Leti in the hall. Montrose tells Tic that Dora knew he was gay. Hippolyta is heading out on a secret mission so she won't let Tic and Leti borrow Woody. Tic heads to St. Louis by himself by bus to find a woman who knew Dora's cousin Ethel while Leti stays to make up with Ruby. Hippolyta is seeking the coordinates she found on the orrery. Hippolyta's destination is an abandoned observatory in Kansas. Leti fears she might be pregnant. She finds the orrery and warns Tic about Hippolyta's plan. Ruby is spying on Leti likely for Christina. The orrery's key fires up a machine inside the observatory. Hippolyta gets caught by two cops sent by Lancaster. Atticus arrives and throws one cop into an interdimensional rift while Hippolyta shoots the other. Then Hippolyta gets pulled into the rift. She gets captured by aliens. Her wish of dancing on stage with Josephine Baker comes true, after some initial bumps. Her next life is as an African warrior. Next she awakens in bed with George. She details her adventures to him. Then Hippolyta realizes that she has been shrinking her ambitions all her life and George was her enabler. Finally, they land to explore another planet. Hippolyta decides to return home to Diana. The rift disappears. Tic runs with a paperback of "Lovecraft Country" by George Freeman and the key from the orrery. But Diana's comic book gets left behind with the murdered cop.

Lovecraft Country
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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ruby: I want to know everything right now. No more secrets, no more half-truths, Every fucking thing.
Christina: The whole truth involves lost pages from The Book of Names and your family.

Ruby: So this has been about revenge for your dead lover?
Christina: Yes, I want revenge for William. But I want so many other things too.