Second Encounter - Lovecraft Country
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In 1949, Ji-Ah imagines singing along with Judy Garland's "The Trolley Song" while watching the movie "Meet Me in St. Louis." Rather than be impressed by Ji-Ah working toward a nursing degree, her mother urges her to find a man. Ji-Ah strikes out at speed dating. She brings home an older man from a club. She seducing him, then the kumiho spirit inside her shoots out of her and absorbs his soul. Her mother demands 10 more men. Umma urges Ji-Ah to bring home American soldiers. Ji-Ah's friend Young-ja tells her there's nothing wrong with being different. Umma had the spirit placed inside her daughter after her husband raped Ji-Ah. Ji-Ah refuses to take another soul to become human again. Umma just wants her daughter back. The nurses are interrogated to find a spy, who is Young-Ja. She admits to it to keep Ji-Ah from being shot by Atticus. Ji-Ah sees an injured Atticus in the hospital a few months later. She decides to take his soul. Ji-Ah and Atticus debate "The Count of Monte Crisco." Ji-Ah becomes attracted to Atticus. She reads to Atticus from the book, since his glasses are broken. Atticus sets up a special showing of "Summer Stock" on base for Ji-Ah. She takes Atticus home. He admits to her that he's a virgin. He says he's falling for her. She sends him away to save him. Umma spits on her. Ji-Ah confronts Atticus about killing Young-ja. They make up and make love. Ji-Ah keeps the kumiho in check. Atticus tells Ji-Ah he can go home and invites her along. Ji-Ah loses control of the kumiho during sex. She foresees his death and asks him not to go home. Atticus runs away. Umma comforts Ji-Ah. The shaman tells Ji-Ah she will see countless more deaths before her journey is done.

Lovecraft Country
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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I remember everything. When I absorb their souls, I see their entire lives before they die. All of his memories are in me.

Ji-Ah [to Umma]

Ji-Ah: My mother is expecting me to bring home a man tonight.
Young-Ja: From a meeting? If she thinks you'd hit it off with these engineering nerds, she's asking for a miracle.
Ji-Ah: She's not asking. She's demanding.