Going on a Trip - Lovecraft Country
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Tic, Leti, Montrose, and Ruby agree to call Christina to treat a comatose Diana. Leti admits that she already gave Christina Titus's pages in exchange for invulnerability. Christina agrees to use a restoration spell on Dee if Tic will come back to Ardham on the night of the autumnal equinox. Montrose tells Tic he might be George's son. Then Hippolyta walks in. Christina uses Hippolyta's blood to restore Diana. Hippolyta and the others are taking Dee to the observatory. Hippolyta is going to use the time machine to go back to Tulsa in 1921 and save the Book of Names. Montrose informs Leti she's having a boy. Hippolyta serves as motherboard for the machine while the others jump back to Tulsa. They have only hours before the riots start. Tic tells Montrose they're done after they save Diana. They see young Montrose being beaten by his father. Dora steps in to protect Montrose. Tic runs to rescue Montrose, George, and Dora, who are about to be beat up by whites, while Leti goes after the Book. Leti is chased by gun-wielding whites but is saved by Montrose's father and Dora's dad. Montrose wants to save his friend Thomas but Tic is afraid it will change history. Montrose tells Tic about all the sacrifices he made to be Tic's father. Leti gets caught looking for the book by Dora's grandmother. After Leti explains she's from the future, the grandmother gives the Book to her. Wielding a bat, Tic saves George, Dora, and young Montrose. Invulnerable Leti survives the fire which burns down Dora's house. Hippolyta can't keep the portal open after Tic crosses back. Leti walks untouched through the destruction of Black Wall Street. Hippolyta reopens the portal long enough for Leti and Montrose to return. 

Lovecraft Country
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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

It looks like the cop with nine lives' luck has finally run out.


Leti: We can't risk Dee's life fucking around with more magic.
Tic: She's right. We need someone who fucking knows what she's doing.