Family Schism - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4
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Ruby wakes up to find herself in Dell's body. Two white cops "rescue" her from the coloreds in her neighborhood. They take her back to William, who claims to be her husband. Tic attacks Montrose for killing Yahima and disposing of TItus's pages from The Book of Names. Ruby, who has reverted back to her own body, is William's test subject for his study of metamorphosis. After William leaves, Ruby can't resist the temptation to become white again. Leti brings Tic film she took of TItus's pages then they make love. William tells Ruby he'll want a favor in exchange for her continuing to use his transformative magic. As white woman Hillary Davenport, Ruby interviews for a job at Marshal Field. She starts to transform during the interview and runs to the ladies' room but leaves behind her elixir. A beaten Montrose visits his secret male lover. Ruby, as assistant manager Hillary, talks with black employee Tamara. William picks up Hillary at work then calls in his favor. She has to attend a party as a server. Christina convinces Ruby to plant an artifact in Captain Lancaster's office. Tic and Leti try to decipher Titus's code. They argue about if the pages are evil. Hillary pressures Tamara to take her coworkers to the South Side. She transforms back into Ruby, just in time to watch Paul harass Tamara. Montrose lets loose at a drag club. Ruby and Christina debate. Christina informs Ruby that magic gives her the freedom to be whoever she wants. Hillary sexually humiliates Paul then transforms into Ruby. Leti tells Tic she's feeling adrift. Tic admits to Leti that what they have is special. When Ruby confronts William about what's in the basement, he transforms back into Christina. Tic cracks a phrase, which says "Die." then calls Ji-ah.


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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Let's get you somewhere safe, ma'am.

White cop [to Ruby]

Wake up, Ruby! Wake up!