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Lucifer is holding a birthday party for himself at the Lux. Chloe shows up with Dan, and Lucifer isn't happy.

Chloe and Dan leave Lucifer's party to attend Malcolm's welcome home party.

Lucifer decides to visit Dr. Linda to discuss his feelings about Chloe and Dan. She tells him he's feeling jealousy. He wants her to help Chloe get over her "douche" fixation.

Lucifer and Chloe are called to the murder of a cheater therapist who encouraged couples to cheat to save their marriages. The wife is upset and being comforted by another doctor, Medina.

Chloe tells Lucifer that all of Shaw's patients are suspects and that they need to work with a therapist for patient confidentiality. Lucifer suggests Dr. Linda, but Chloe won't have it.  Lucifer sleeps with a judge who signs off on Dr. Linda working on the case with them.

Lucifer notices the new doctor at Dr. Linda's building. Chloe is not happy with what Lucifer did. He tells Chloe he's seeing Dr. Linda for therapy.

Martin interrupts their arguing to tell them about a potential client suspect. They go to visit the patient, Richard, who is on top of the roof and is going to jump. Lucifer ends up on the roof with him to find out about jealousy. He ends up inadvertently talking the guy down.

They discover from Richard that Alexandra, Dr. Shaw's wife was in town even though she said she was out of town.

Dr. Martin shows up at the bar at Lucifer's invitation, but he isn't there. Maze introduces herself.

Lucifer and Chloe show up to talk about the case, but Chloe gets a call to go home to meet Dan. It ends up being Malcolm, who tells Chloe he believes he was set up and that it was a cop who shot him.He's going to give up the investigation because he was given a second chance.

Chloe discovers that Shaw's wife was in town and her and Lucifer question the wife. Dan shows up to check on Chloe. It drives Lucifer out of his mind. He leaves to go to the group grief session Medina is holding for Dr. Shaw.

Chloe and Dr. Linda talk about Lucifer. Dr. Linda actually admits she's sleeping with Lucifer.

At Medina's therapy session, Lucifer takes over and starts telling his story. Both Chloe and Lucifer determine that Medina was the one who killed Dr. Shaw because of jealousy. Chloe shows up at the session just in time to save Lucifer from Medina's knife.

Chloe tells Lucifer about Malcolm's visit. They go to the cop bar and Paolucci's car is outside. He's committed suicide in the bar and confesses to shooting Malcolm and being a bad cop.

Dan shows up and Chloe gives him a comfort hug which makes Lucifer crazy.

He visits Dr. Linda and she tells him she wants to keep their relationship professional. No more sleeping together. Lucifer asks about the new doctor across the hall and figures out it's Amenadiel.

Dan and Chloe kiss at her place. He gets a text and goes to meet Malcolm. Dan figures out that Malcolm wrote Paolucci's suicide note, but it turns out that Dan was the one who shot Malcolm.

Back at the Lux, Lucifer calls over Maze and tells her he knows about Amenadiel. He tells her he is done with her because of her betrayal.

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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Chloe: You? You're really in therapy?
Lucifer: Why is that so surprising?
Chloe: You're teh least reflective person I know.
Lucifer: I have layers. I'm like an onion. An irresistible one.

Chloe: You don't save a marriage by sleeping with other people.
Lucifer: It can't hurt to try.