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Lucifer is walking down a Hollywood street and comes across a "preacher" on a soap box talking about the devil walking among us. Lucifer engages with him, tells him he hates liars, then shows him his true self. The "preacher" runs away screaming about the devil.

In Dr. Martin's office, Lucifer is talking about what he's doing, why he left Hell, who he is. Dr. Martin analyzes him, then tells him the session is over and jumps him.

Back at the club, Chloe is on her phone. She's running surveillance on Lucifer. She takes pictures of Lucifer when he walks by. He doesn't appear to notice her, but Maze delivers her a drink from him. She's surprised. 

Lucifer starts playing piano. Chloe approaches him. She's curious as to how he survived getting shot by Jimmy Barnes. Lucifer wants to think that he is having an effect on her, that she likes him. She pretends and cuddles with him, but not because she is falling for his charm, but because she wanted to see if he could have had a bullet proof vest under his suit. She concludes he couldn't. It confounds her.

Chloe gets a call from her captain about a murder and leaves.

At the murder scene, Dan is there. Robbie Russell, Jr., the son of a movie star was murdered, apparently by a notorious member of the paparazzi, Nick Hofmeister.

Lucifer shows up. He encourages her to get information from Nick. She's not supposed to be there anyway because she's on sick leave, but she has a history with Nick. Lucifer pulls Nick out of the car and starts questioning him.

Nick almost divulges all the information, but Dan interrupts them.

Chloe doesn't believe that Nick did it and tells Dan this. Dan wants Chloe to go home and to take Lucifer with her before he arrests him. Lucifer is by Nick's car smoking pot he found in Nick's car. Chloe is upset that he destroyed/smoked evidence.

Lucifer wakes up in his apartment. He had a couple in bed with him. He is about to eat an apple when Amenadiel shows up. They discuss Lucifer's return to Hell. 

At home, Chloe is reading about Russell's death on a gossip website. Trixie comes in and questions her about what she is doing. Lucifer shows up. Trixie is excited to see him. He not so much. He throws her doll down the hall thinking that she will run after it. She doesn't. Instead she gets ready for her father who is coming to pick her up.

Lucifer and Chloe talk. He's trying to find information about her. He thinks she takes bribes in order to afford the house she lives in, but it's her mom's house, an 80's sci-fi star. She kicks him out.

Lucifer goes to the police station and charms his way into seeing Nick. He wants Nick to divulge secrets he knows about Chloe. Nick tells him about Chloe's dad's funeral which he crashed. The funeral was two days after Chloe's movie, "Hot Tub High School" came out. Chloe was so angry about Nick showing up at the funeral, she punched him.

Lucifer is frustrated when Nick doesn't tell him anything. It also appears that Nick is actually resisting him.

Chloe is questioning Russell's dad. She tells him she is going to find the right guy. She gets a phone call telling her that Lucifer visited Nick.

Lucifer is at the Lux flipping his coin. Maze is angry, taunts him. Lucifer is angry at Maze's taunts and shows his evil when Chloe shows up. The evil disappears. She wants to know what Lucifer found out when he visited Nick. She also wants to know how he got in to see him. He doesn't lie. She leaves to follow up on a lead. She invites him along. He's excited.

They go to a celebrity hangout to look for a paparazzi who might have been taking pictures at Russell's murder scene. Lucifer sees Josh who was at the murder scene. Josh notices that they are noticing him and calls out that Penelope Decker's daughter is on site. All the paparazzi focus on Chloe. Josh runs away during the confusion. Chloe tries to punch one of the paparazzi, but can't because her arm is in a cast. Lucifer admonishes one of the guys, then instigates a fight between them.

Josh takes off and disappears before Lucifer and Chloe can catch up to him.

Chloe is back at her place looking at a gossip site. Dan is there giving her information about the license plate she grabbed from Josh's car. He gets the address.

Josh is stalking a celebrity when Chloe and Lucifer show up. They question him, then realize that he is staging photos.

Lucifer wants to punish, Chloe says they have to deliver justice the right way. 

Chloe visits Nick in jail. Nick took Josh under his wing. She discovers that Josh was the cause of the accident and Nick is covering for him because he wants Josh to have a real life. She is trying to convince Nick to testify against Josh. Nick is resisting.

She gets a phone call and leaves the cell. Josh is missing.  When she returns, Nick is gone.

Lucifer is driving with Nick. They pull over. Maze shows up and pulls Josh out of the trunk. Lucifer lays out the truth to both of them. Maze lays guns on the ground. Lucifer wants them to work it out. Josh grabs his gun and tries to shoot Nick, but the gun is empty.

Nick picks up his gun. He's upset. Chloe shows up, but not in time. He shoots and the gun fires, but Lucifer prays and Amenandiel shows up causing time to slow. Lucifer takes the bullet. He kicks Josh in the balls. When Amenandiel leaves time returns. Lucifer is behind Chloe. She's confused as to how he got behind her when he was just in front of her.

He's thrilled that he's changing.

Cops are at the scene. Both Nick and Josh are arrested. Chloe questions Lucifer. She knows something is not right. She knows Nick fired the gun. Lucifer smiles then shows her the bullet. She's in awe.

At home, Chloe is telling Trixie about the movie she was in. Trixie already knows about the movie. She saw it on the internet and thought the movie was hilarious.

Lucifer is in bed with Dr. Martin. He tells her he finds not being in control exhilarating. He fascination with Chloe has intensified.

Chloe visits Jimmy Barnes in a mental institution. Her fascination with Lucifer has intensified as well. She wants to know what happened the night he shot her and Lucifer. Barnes loses it, starts banging his head on the glass, declaring that Lucifer is indeed the devil.


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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dr. Martin: Sometimes it's easier to make intimate issues about something bigger than yourself.
Lucifer: Well, there are a few things bigger than myself.
Dr. Martin: I'm well aware.

You see, what I hate more than anything is a liar. A charlatan. Someone who doesn't believe in what they say.