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There's a Satanic ceremony taking place, but it's fake. The girl was fake-knifed and shed fake blood. Her boyfriend takes her into a room and keeps her blindfolded. He says he wants to make it real, then sacrifices her for real.

Maze is throwing knives at Lucifer to try to injure him. Nothing works. He stops her when she's going to throw a demon knife, because those hurt. She wants to throw knives at Chloe, but Lucifer is till being protective.

Lucifer thinks Amenadiel is "weaponizing" Chloe. He's been avoiding her for three weeks.

She wants him to help her with a Satanist case. He doesn't really want to, but he does anyway. But, he stays far away from her.

The soapbox preacher is back accusing Lucifer of being who he really is.

The girl who was murdered is in the middle of a pentagram in a theater on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Lucifer is offended.Malcolm shows up to get the preacher away. Dan is working the case as well.

Chloe and Lucifer need to go to Rose's apartment, but Lucifer drives himself. He doesn't want to drive with Chloe.

They find a secret door at the apartment with all sorts of Satanic stuff. 

Dan calls Chloe telling her he found who gave the girl her subdermals.

Malcolm is walking in the garage when Amenadiel confronts him. Malcolm tells him about the coin and says he's #teamLucifer now.

Chloe and Lucifer visit the Church of the Dark Prince. Lucifer is offended about the goat and says he doesn't understand why they associate him with a goat. (ha ha Amenadiel)

They go to the church. A memorial is taking place for the girl. A goat comes in to speak and Lucifer stops the ceremony, calling it all ridiculous.

The High Priest takes them to a back room and shows them the fake knife. He also has a real knife, but it's missing.

Chloe wants to know what's going on. Lucifer thinks maybe Chloe is an angel and tries to see if she has wing scars.

Maze is with Amenadiel. He's lamenting about failing at getting Lucifer back to Hell. She tells him to go home. She tells him she loves him.

Lucifer wakes up Trixie to ask her questions about Chloe while Chloe is taking a shower.

Corazan is found hanging like Christ in an old warehouse. Morningstar is painted on boxes. Lucifer is being considered a suspect. Lucifer is angry. He goes to Dr. Linda to vent.

Maze and Amenadiel are in bed. Maze is going to kill him with the Lucifer claw, but Amenadiel catches her, then takes off.

Lucifer is on his way to the Lux when he's accosted by the Preacher man. He gets angry and sort of beats him up. The confrontation is recorded and sent to the news.

Malcolm is in the bar and starts acting strange.

Dan is trying to explain things to Chloe.

Malcolm pours drinks. He admits to being the one who has been killing people. Lucifer goes off.

Amendiel shows up and Malcolm takes off. Lucifer and Malcolm fight. Maze shows up then leaves.

Chloe and Dan are searching for the preacher. Chloe is in the bar. She finds the preacher dead. She pulls out her gun and tells Lucifer to put his hands up.


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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Yeah, I'm quite familiar with the absentee father excuses.


The detective may just be a cog in a bigger machine. This is just called being thorough.