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Lucifer is speeding down a Los Angeles street when he gets pulled over by a cop.

The cop asks him for his registration and license. Instead, Lucifer pulls out a wad of cash. The cop says that bribery is illegal, so Lucifer gazes at him and is able to pull out information about the cop's secrets. The cop takes the money, and Lucifer is on his way.

He pulls into his nightclub, The Lux.

Inside the club he grabs a drink from Maze, bartender and demon. He checks out the ladies. Everything slows down as the angel, Amenadiel shows up. He tells Lucifer that his return to the underworld is requested. Lucifer says he's not returning. Amenadiel is not happy, but leaves.

Lucifer is outside turning a coin in his palm. Delilah pulls up and asks for a drink.

Inside they talk about the deal she made to become a superstar. He tells her that all he did was introduce her to people who owed him a favor. She's worried about her soul. He tells her the only thing he wants is for her to pull herself together and pull herself out of the spiral of self destruction.

He walks her outside when a SUV comes by and someone starts shooting. Both of them are shot. She is dead, but Lucifer revives. The car speeds away, but is hit by a bus. The driver is dying and Lucifer grabs him before he does die asking why he killed Delilah. The guy says it was for money.

Detective Chloe Dancer arrives at the scene. He ex-husband and cop shows up too and gives her information that the guy who shot the singer was a drug dealer and the singer was a drug addict. He tells her it's an open and shut case.

She goes inside the club to question Lucifer. He tries to flirt with her. He tells her he talked to the drug dealer. She starts telling him about Delilah and the drugs.

Lucifer crashes the wedding of Delilah's record producer. He wants to know if Jimmy had anything to do with her murder. Jimmy denies it and tells him about the rapper Too Vile. Lucifer gazes at the bride who admits she doesn't love Jimmy and doesn't want to have sex with him. Lucifer leaves.

He visits Too Vile who Delilah dated. He demands the music be turned down. Too Vile thinks that Lucifer doesn't like blacks because he doesn't like rap music. Lucifer explains he doesn't like rap music. He asks about Delilah and Too Vile tells him the "bitch is dead." Lucifer grabs him and throws him through a window, hanging him over a balcony. Too Vile's friends pull out their guns, but Too Vile tells them not to shoot.

Too Vile admits he punched Delilah once but that was because she was cheating on him. Lucifer wants to know with who, but Too Vile doesn't know. He tells Lucifer that Delilah was seeing a therapist who would probably know who it was.

Chloe shows up and has her gun pulled. She is surprised to see Lucifer, but demands answers from Too Vile.One of Too Vile's friends recognizes her from a porn film.

Too Vile tells her about Lucifer trying to kill him. She arrests Lucifer and takes him to the patrol car. He gets out of his handcuffs and tries to work the gazing charm on her, but it doesn't work.

She's driving to the police station when she gets a phone call that her daughter was in a fight. They take a trip to the school. She tells him to stay in the car, but he gets out. He is going to light up a cigarette when he notices an attractive woman entering the school. He follows, but once inside he can't find her.

He goes to sit on a bench and starts to light his cigarette, but Beatrice, Chloe's daughter, tells him he can't. She tells him about the bully. He goes to the bully and flashes his red eyes.

Chloe comes out of the principal's office, sees Lucifer and gives him a questioning look. They go outside. The ex-husband cop, Dan, is there to take Beatrice home.

Chloe takes Lucifer with her to visit the therapist, Linda Martin. They have a conversation while waiting. He asks about her daughter and the ex.

They go into Martin's office. Chloe wants to know who Delilah was having an affair with. Martin refuses to answer, so Lucifer works his charms on her. She tells them it was an actor by the name of Gray Cooper. In exchange for that information, he agrees to have sex with her later.

Lucifer barges onto the set where Cooper is filming. Him and Chloe start asking questions. Cooper's wife shows up. Cooper admits he was having an affair with Delilah, the wife says she is having an affair with the bodyguard. Cooper beats up the bodyguard.

Chloe and Lucifer are at the Lux having a drink when it dawns on her that the watch Delilah gave Cooper is the same watch the drug dealer had on. They figure out that Jimmy, the record producer is the culprit and go to his studio.

Jimmy admits he killed her. He pulls out a gun. Chloe shoots him. As Lucifer questions why she did this, Jimmy gets off a couple of rounds and Chloe is hit. Jimmy tries to kill Lucifer, but he is immortal. Chloe watches as Lucifer reveals his true self to Jimmy in a mirror. She also sees that Lucifer was shot but was not killed even though he should have been.

Chloe is in the hospital. Lucifer is there when she wakes up. She thanks him for saving her life. She wants to know why and he tells her because he finds her interesting. Beatrice comes into the room. Lucifer leaves.

Lucifer is in the bar, playing with his coin. Maze asks him why he saved the girl. She tells him the humans are rubbing off on him and that he needs to start being the devil again.

He goes outside and Amenadiel show up again. He tells Lucifer that he is upsetting the balance between good and evil by doing what he is doing. Lucifer blows him off. He goes back to the therapist for his promised sex session, but tells her he needs to use her services to work out some existential stuff.


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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm like walking heroin...very habit forming. It never ends well.


Cop: Are you trying to bribe me, sir?
Lucifer: Yes, of course.