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Chloe wakes up in Lucifer's bed. Lucifer tells her they didn't have sex. Chloe is amazed.

Lucifer says he got a rush by not doing what he really wanted to do...whiich was sleep with Chloe.

Maze and Lucifer have words.

Lucifer shows up at a crime scene with a pair of panties, but they don't belong to Chloe. The deceased is Tim Dunlear, the head of Dunlear Foundation.

Chloe questions a witness.

Lucifer questions whether the deceased got a high when he did something good.

Malcolm handcuffs Dan to a pole in a basement somewhere. Dan doesn't want Malcolm to kill Lucifer. He tells him that he's going to set Dan up for Lucifer's murder.

Lucifer and Chloe question Tim's wife. Lucifer offers to hold the upcoming fundraiser at the Lux.

Lucifer is thrilled to be doing something good again, but tells Chloe he's not feeling the same rush as he did when he opted not to take advantage of Chloe.

Lucifer visits with Dr. Martin to talk about the high he's getting from doing good deeds, which started with him choosing not to sleep with Chloe.

Dr. Martin deduces that Lucifer is concerned about his image, but warns that doing good needs to be genuine.

Lucifer and Chloe is questioning someone who pawned an item of Tim Dunlear's.

Lucifer decides to give the homeless guy the shirt off his back. He then realizes that his nice shirt will look like crap with the guy's pants and gives him his pants as well.

Chloe turns around just to see him be all nude after giving all of his clothes to the homeless guy. Chloe refuses to let him get into her car.

Lucifer's found some new clothes and they question Mrs. Dunlear again.

Will Fleming is a counselor for the family and wants to kick the cops out. Lucifer talks to Vanessa while Chloe questions the lawyer.

Lucifer questions the boy again. He becomes a suspect, but she decides to questions him some more.

Chloe gives the lowdown on what he learned from the orphan boy.

Vanessa asked Lucifer to haKve lunch with high society ladies or golden donors of the foundation on her behalf. They spill all their secrets to him. Lucifer does a good job talking. Chloe tries talking to some women, but fails.

In order to get what he wants, he decides to sing a few songs. The ladies go crazy. As Lucifer is singing, Chloe is watching the only male in the room -  Kyle. He blows up at Lucifer's singing claiming that everyone should be sad. This peaks both of their interests and they take off after him.

Kyle admits that he and Tim had an affair. Turns out Tim was gay.

Chloe asks questions about Vanessa and Tim's marriage which was kept together for appearance's sake. He shares a photo he got from Tim right before he died. 

Malcolm is still on an eating binge. He's in the basement talking to Dan, telling him about his death experience. Dan tells him he needs help, then kicks at him. 

Malcolm picks up his fallen food, and Dan hides the knife that fell under his boot.

Chloe is watching the video from Kyle's phone. Will Fleming visits. Chloe tells him about his suspicions about Vanessa. Fleming warns her about pushing too far.

At the Lux, Chloe is telling Lucifer about her run in with Fleming.Chloe wants Lucifer to get someone to talk using his special skills.

Chloe tells Lucifer she misses the old Lucifer that still had bad in him. She doesn't like the new, St. Lucifer.

Maze interrupts Amenadiel's dinner at a restaurant. She decides to join him for dinner. She is upset that his plan didn't get Lucifer to go back to Hell.

Amenadiel figures out why Maze is there...she's looking for friendship.

They go back and forth. She tells him how boring he is. Amenadiel tells Maze about a story of the goat which he started.

Kyle helps Chloe out by looking at files and calendars of Tim's travel.

Chloe visits Will Fleming again. Tries to use Lucifer's look into my eyes trick to gather information. Doesn't work, but she does tell him about what he discovered about Vanessa opening up a dummy school. Fleming finds it hard to believe.

Dan is trying to cut himself out of the binding. He succeeds and breaks through the door keeping him captive.

Lucifer is getting ready at the Lux. Malcolm shows up with a gun. Tells him he's going to murder him, why, and who.

Lucifer decides to scare him by revealing his true self, but Malcolm isn't affected.

Lucifer tells him Amenadiel duped him. He pulls out his Pentecostal coin, a subway token for the damned to get him back to Hell. He tells Malcolm he can use it to get out of hell as well. Malcolm takes it, though Lucifer seems somewhat disturbed that it's gone.

Maze and Amenadiel are having sex in a car in an empty parking lot.

Vanessa visits Lucifer at the club. Lucifer is really bothered he doesn't have the coin. Lucifer figures out Vanessa killed Tim. Vanessa pulls a gun and shoots Lucifer.

Dan shows up at the club and goes into the private room where Lucifer is lying dead on the floor. Much to his surprise though, Lucifer wakes up, with no bullet holes or blood.

Dan tells him he came to stop Malcolm from shooting him. Lucifer leaves to attend the gala downstairs.

Vanessa is surprised to see Lucifer. He takes the stand and reveals the killer. Chloe details all the accusations against her.

He gets a rush whenever he does something good for Chloe, but it's not as intense when it's for someone else.

At the bar, Maze has a drink with Lucifer. Maze tells him she slept with Amenadiel. He tells her about the assassination attempt.

He questions why sometimes he's immortal and sometimes he's not. Then the light bulb goes off and he realizes it has to do with Chloe.

Lucifer goes to Chloe's place. She's happy to see him.  She tells him that he makes her vulnerable and he tells her that she does the same to him.


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