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Lucifer and Maze are at a fashion show for Benny Cho shoes. Maze shares with Lucifer her concerns about him becoming mortal. He fluffs it off.

Lucifer leaves to go backstage and congratulates Benny for a great show. Lucifer makes out with one of the models when shots are fired. He briefly checks it out then resumes his make out session. 

Maze finds Lucifer and pulls him to safety. It's a madhouse on the fashion show floor. As Maze and Lucifer are leaving they come across a dead girl.

At police station Chloe is comforting the murdered girl's parents. When she is finished she talks to Dan about the case.

Lucifer shows up at the police station. He is engaged with another officer at Chloe's desk. Chloe confronts him, and he tells her he's there about a shooting. She thinks he's talking about her shooting him in the leg. He doesn't deny it. She's worried.

He goes into the Lieutenant's office and tells her he can help with the case. He charms her and she confides that she wants to be chief of police, but she needs the minority vote. He tells her he can help her if she helps him. She obviously agrees, because they come out of her office and she tells Chloe that Lucifer will be assisting on this case.

He tells Chloe later how he became her partner. She's not happy. They get into an elevator, and she slaps him. She tells him how she started to believe that he was actually the Devil. He tells her he wants in on the danger and excitement of being a cop.

They go to Benny Cho's place to question him and his assistant, Hector, a former marine sharpshooter.

Lucifer explains to Chloe how he helped Benny become famous. He calls in his favor to Benny that he help Chloe with the case.

Hector names names on the Latin Kings who may have been involved in the shooting.

Later, Chloe admonishes Lucifer for not saying anything earlier that he knew Benny.

Lucifer wants to go for a drink at a cop bar. Chloe doesn't and tells him that everyone hates her. He uses his leg pain as a bargaining chip and they go to the bar.

At the bar she asks him about the favor thing. He talks about deals with the Devil. A cop comes and calls her a bitch. She tells Lucifer about the Paul Meadow case. Lucifer approaches the guy and punches him in the face for disrespecting Chloe.

They leave the bar.

Maze is at a coffee bar when Amenadiel shows up. She tells him she wants to go back to Hell. Amenadiel asks for information that can help him get them back to where they belong. Maze tells him about Dr. Martin.

Dr. Martin is leaving her office when she hears something. She's a little spooked. As she approaches the elevator, we hear the flap of wings. Amenadiel is there by the elevator wearing a suit. He introduces himself to her as Dr. King, a new psychologist with an office next to hers.

At Lux, Maze admonishes Lucifer for being careless. He tells her he thinks she's jealous of Chloe. She threatens not to help him next time he needs help.

Dan shows up to confront Lucifer about the bar incident. He tells Lucifer, he is only helping him for Chloe's sake.

Chloe and Lucifer visit Dani and Diego, the gang members that Hector gave up. Chloe locks Lucifer in the car and bangs on the door. No answer, then a shout is heard and Chloe breaks down the door, gun drawn. Lucifer is in the bedroom with Dani and Diego.

The two start questioning the couple. Dani explains that it was Diego's cousin that was killed at the fashion show. and he wants to know who killed her as much as the cops do.

Diego calls out Yellow Viper, who just got out of jail, tells his backstory, and implicates him as the possible shooter.

Lucifer thinks the questioning is boring.

Chloe gets a text from Benny about another murder.

They go to Benny's warehouse and find a pool of blood. Lucifer tastes it and tells Chloe it's not human. Turns out that Benny's pig, Pig Diddy was killed.

Chloe and Lucifer share information about Viper and Benny implicates him.

Amenadiel shows up at Dr. Martin's office. he asks her to go out for a drink. He wants to talk to her about a patient. She agrees.

Chloe and Lucifer go to a community center where Viper is teaching kids about tagging. He asks about a warrant before answering questions. Since they don't have one, he tells them to leave.

Dani and Diego show up with a bunch of other gang members. They start threatening to shoot people. Choe and Lucifer are caught in the middle. Lucifer starts talking to the two to take attention off of Viper and the kids who are with him. While Lucifer is distracting the others, Chloe is able to get Viper and the kids out of the center.

The other gang notices that Viper is gone and start to threaten Chloe and Lucifer, but then the lights go off. Maze has arrived and takes down all the gang members, while Chloe watches.

All the gang members get arrested, including Viper after Dan finds a gun on Viper that matches the bullets that killed the girl at the fashion show.

Lucifer and Chloe talk some more. She thinks he has a God complex. He's offended by that. 

Chloe is taking Viper to the police station to be booked. Lucifer questions Viper and uses him charm. Viper claims he is innocent, that if he wanted Benny dead why would he miss?

This admission causes Chloe to figure out that Viper wasn't the killer. She speeds to Benny's house and accuses Hector of being the shooter. Hector blames Benny. 

Lucifer admonishes Benny and shows his true self.  Benny and Hector are arrested.

The Lieutenant is outside commenting on the case. Chloe knows that the Lieutenant will be the new chief of police because of Lucifer. He tells her he is now an official civilian consultant to the LAPD. She doesn't protest, because she tells him now she can keep an eye on him.

He talks about consummating their arrangement. She gives the impression that she's going to kiss him, then pulls back and gets in the car, locking the door and leaving him behind.

At the Lux, Lucifer toasts Maze for being his protector.

Chloe is sleeping on a chair at her place. Maze is watching her. Chloe startles awake, but Maze is gone.



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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Chloe: Please tell me I'm hallucinating.
Lucifer: Well, I am dreamy, but try to contain yourself.

The danger of getting hurt is positively thrilling.