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Lucifer convinces a girl to jump into a pool at a party. After she does, he continues to mingle.

Ty Huntley, a football star, is talking to a girl named Ali. She wants to hook up with him. He resists. Lucifer joins the conversation. Ali leaves. He talks to Ty and asks him his desires. Ty admits he wants to sleep with the girl. Lucifer tries to convince him to give in to his desires.

Lucifer runs into the girl he convinced to jump into the pool. He introduces himself, but she says he's not Lucifer Morningstar. Apparently there is an imposter Lucifer running loose in L.A.

Lucifer hooks up with three ladies. Ty wakes him up. He needs a favor. 

Chloe is working at her computer looking up "debunking hypnotism." Trixie is waiting for her dad who hasn't shown up. She asks what her mother is doing. Chloe shares. They talk about Lucifer. 

Lucifer calls. Chloe shows up at Ty's house. Ali is floating dead in the pool.

Chloe is talking to the coroner. She questions Ty. He gives her a guest list. Lucifer joins the conversation, trying to assist in the investigation.

Chloe has had enough of Lucifer and puts him in a waiting room with other witnesses.

Dan shows up to help Chloe. They exchange words about Trixie. Chloe is searching through coats looking for Ali's car. She finds it. 

One of the investigators call Chloe into Ty's bedroom. Ali's fingernail was found in his bed.

Chloe finds Lucifer in hallway watching a film of Ty and Ali having sex.

Something catches her attention. She has Ty arrested.

Lucifer tries to convince Chloe that Ty is not the murderer. Chloe sends Lucifer away.

Lucifer goes back to the club. Maze tells him that someone is masquerading as him all around L.A.

At Linda's office, Lucifer is venting about the imposter. She analyzes him and his overreaction to the identity theft and his anger.

He starts talking to her about the case.

Chloe is at an artist agency to question Ty's agent. Lucifer is already there. She confronts him then tells him everything she's found out so far. Then she wants him to leave. He talks to her and she agrees to let him help her.

They question Ty's agent Joe. Lucifer questions the agent about his desires. Joe divulges information. 

Joe admits he hired Ali to have sex with Ty. He wanted him to get over his ex, Debra, who, he says, is a nutcase stalker.

Chloe and Lucifer are staking out Debra's class.

She questions Lucifer why he's so interested in finding the right killer.

Debra comes out of the class. Chloe and Lucifer chase after her. She refuses to talk. Just as she gets close to her car, it explodes.

Cops show up. There was a remote bomb on Debra's car. Lucifer is questioning Debra. Chloe joins him. She tells them she ran because she thought she was going to get busted for violating her restraining order.

Debra admits she was at the party, but left when she saw Ty talking to Ali. She was at an ice cream shop all night. Dan and Chloe are watching a surveillance tape at her place.

Dan thinks the person who planted the bomb is a woman named Ronnie who fixes people's problems. The LAPD have been trying to capture this woman. Dan and Chloe decide to use Lucifer to set up the woman.

At Lux, Lucifer runs into Ronnie. She offers to fix his imposter problems. He whispers in her ear with instructions.

Dan is upset that he didn't follow the plan. Lucifer tells him not to worry. He'll get what he wants.

Lucifer has imposter in club with bag over his head. Maze pulls off the bag. Lucifer and Maze discuss punishments. Ronnie is watching nearby. The guy starts crying. His name is Justin and he has a fake accent. He admits everything.

Lucifer is very angry, but then he mellows out. He was going to destroy him, but instead lets him go.

He pays Ronnie and Chloe shows up to arrest her. Chloe tells Ronnie her suspicions. Ronnie reveals who hired her. It was Joe.

Chloe and Lucifer consult privately.

Joe is at a meeting in his office with Ty and others. Lucifer and cops show up.

Chloe wants to take Ty in for questioning. Joe interferes. He once again tries to pin it on Debra. He tells cops he saw Debra there. The clues come together. Joe was responsible. Case closed.

Joe tries to leave, but Lucifer is angry. He shoves Joe through a window with extreme force. He is going to go after Joe, but Chloe stops him. He calms down.

In Linda's office, they talk about the case. She analyzes him.

Chloe is at home, watching Lucifer throw Joe out the window, over and over.


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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You, Ty, are like a four-leaf clover and a unicorn made a baby...without having sex.


If L.A.'s taught me anything, constant rejections do build character.