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Charlotte, Lucifer and Amenadiel discuss the Flaming Sword. He tries to light the sword, but nothing is working. Amenadiel punches him to see if that will help light the blade. Doesn't work.

Lucifer is at Dr. Linda's office talking about the Flaming Sword and their plan to cut open the gates of Heaven. He thinks she'll help him control his emotions, but she says that's not how it happens. She goes back to Cady Morningstar which he doesn't want to talk about.

Chloe starts talking to Maze about Lucifer and Maze puts earbuds in while pretending to listen to her, but Chloe catches on.

Lucifer and the gang are on a case of the murder of an administrations officer from a prestigious school.

Lucifer and Chloe go to the school to look at the evidence. The head of the school has Lucifer's full interest as he thinks the guy will give him answers about controlling emotions.

Chloe questions the family that the director said was angry about their kid not being accepted into the school.

Lucifer is reading a feelings book he lifted from the school at the Lux when a woman comes to arrest him. It was a ruse by Charlotte to try to get an emotional rise out of him. It doesn't work.

Lucifer tells Chloe he's going to take her to school so Chloe can do some investigating.

Lucifer takes Trixie to Starford school for some of his own investigation. He wants to find out where they teach about controlling emotions. Meanwhile, Trixie starts investigating a classroom on her own.

Dan and Chloe are at the school too, talking to the director. The director starts crying and he admits he took the money the parents supposedly donated to the school.

Lucifer gets busted for bringing Trixie to the school, but before Chloe goes busting in, Trixie talks about almost losing her mother while Chloe looks on. A boy in the class draws a picture of her mother killing Debbie.

Chloe talks to Trixie about talking to her if there's something wrong. Lucifer takes Trixie to school.

Lucifer is the parking garage after dropping Trixie off and gets attacked by Charlotte. She's trying to get him worked up. It doesn't work. She's impatient.

Chloe gets an invitation for Trixie to Starford. She and Dan consider it.

They question the mother of the boy about her whereabouts. She said that everyone hated her. She talks about a grieving gathering taking place later.

Chloe is getting ready to go to the gathering. She and Maze have a discussion. Chloe goes to the place and Maze shows up pretending to be Chloe's wife. 

They work the room together.

Amenadiel is trying to get the blade going when Lucifer walks in. It looks like Amenadiel is masturbating and Lucifer makes a snarky remark about it, but Amenadiel shows the blade.

They argue about the blade.

Maze plants a rumor and Madison...the feelings teacher...turns out to be Debi's killer. She pulls a gun on Chloe and Lucifer in the parking lot.  She discusses why she did it.

Maze takes down the woman. The case is over.

Chloe puts Trixie to bed and talks about the Starford school. She tries to talk about feelings. Trixie didn't like the school.

Lucifer is with Dr. Linda admitting that she was right and he was wrong about feelings.  She tells him that his pain and heartbreak over Charlotte and Chloe is what he needs to focus on. It might bring the blade alive so he goes to the Lux and lets go while holding the blade.

It works, but only for a short time.

Charlotte is still very impatient. Something is going on. She gets on the elevator and leaves. She has a bandaid over a wound that glows.

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