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Cold open to a zombie wedding ceremony. Shots are fired. The groom is injured, but the bride is killed.

Lucifer is going wild at the Lux. He's disheveled and acting crazy. Dr. Martin shows up and tells Lucifer he missed his appointment. He tells her about his brothers death, then kicks her out. He immediately regrets it.

Chloe is putting up Halloween decorations when she hears Trixie laughing inside. She goes in to find Trixie swinging on one of Maze's sex toys. She tells Maze it's not appropriate. Maze is not thrilled with Chloe's goody-goody attitude.

Chloe is at the scene when Lucifer shows up. He goes directly to the refreshments and pours himself a glass of champagne. Chloe stops him, admonishing him for inappropriate behavior.

Lucifer questions some of the bridesmaids and learns about the bride's ex who may be a suspect. Chloe admonishes Lucifer again for making out with a witness.

Dan asks Chloe what's going on with Lucifer. She starts to give a detailed account, but he doesn't want to hear it. He gives her more information about the case.

They pull the ex boyfriend in. Lucifer goes into the interrogation room and locks the door. Chloe and Dan try to get in. Lucifer finally comes out and tells them he knows nothing. Once again, Chloe admonishes Lucifer and threatens to bench him.

Amenadiel is at the Lux talking to Charlotte. He's sad about Uriel. She asks him to go with her somewhere.

Dan and Chloe are in Ella's office, but no Ella discussing more facts about the cse. They figure out the shooter may have visited a food truck before shooting the bride and groom. 

Lucifer and Chloe ask Freddy at the food truck about the guy with a guitar case. He doesn't know anything, but then shots ring out and he's killed. Chloe runs to the roof across the street, but the shooter is gone.

Lucifer is raiding the vending machine. Chloe admonishes him for stealing. Trixie calls and asks if Maze can take her trick or treating. Chloe lays down some rules.

Trixie isn't happy with her costume and Maze agrees to help her be what she wants for Halloween.

Dan figures out that spouses are being targeted. Chloe tries to talk to Lucifer, but he isn't interested. Lucifer is not being himself. Dan tries to get files from the hospital, but can't. Lucifer steals Dan's badge and gets the files. Another inappropriate thing to do, according to Chloe. Lucifer and Dan have words, and Lucifer punches Dan in the face. Chloe is in the middle.

Amenadiel and Charlotte are in the woods talking about God and Lucifer. Amenadiel is discouraged. They end up at the place where Lucifer buried Uriel.

Back at the Lux, Lucifer is drinking. He thinks he sees Uriel, but it's a trick.

Dan and Chloe look at the evidence and figure out who might be the shooter. They cops raid the guys house, but he's not there. He went to a pharmaceutical company where they think he went. He is there.

Maze takes Trixie trick-or-treating. Trixie says it would have been fun if Maze had dressed up. Maze asks Trixie to turn around and she puts on her demon face.

Amenadiel want to know why she brought him to Uriel's grave. He's angry with his father. Charlotte encourages him to let it out. Amenadiel blames God for everything that happened and not doing anything.

Lucifer starts playing piano, but breaks down and kicks everyone out.

Dan and Chloe head to Strode after they figure out the guy is targeting spouses. Lucifer shows up and is in the guy's crosshairs. He dares the guy to shoot and he does, but he misses over and over again. After he's caught, he tells Lucifer he wasn't trying to shoot him, because he didn't do anything wrong. He was trying to scare him.

Chloe tries to talk to Lucifer about what's going on, but Lucifer isn't interested so she tells him to talk to Dr. Martin. he goes to her office and is talking, but she tells him he needs to stop with the metaphors. He asks if she wants to see who he really is. When she says yes, he shows her his true form. She's speechless. He's distressed and leaves.


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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Peggy. Edgar. Your single life is dead.

Priest at wedding

Dr. Martin: If you change your mind, my door is always open.
Lucifer: Well, feel free to shut it.