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We pick up right where we left off last episode. Charlotte is holding the clicker when Amenadiel confronts her about trying to kill Chloe. He convinces her and she decides to come up with another plan.

Lucifer is in session with Linda talking about his "date" with Chloe. He admits he chickened out.

Lucifer is at Chloe's apartment and tries to apologize. Chloe's mom greets him. It's the first day of the trial of the guy who murdered Chloe's dad.

Ella asks Dan if he got laid. Dan spills the beans. Dan has a mystery package. It's someone's head. Boris, the guy involved in the dad's murder.

In the courthouse, Chloe tells Penelope and Lucifer the news. Charlotte walks in. She's representing Chloe's dad's murderer.

Lucifer confronts Charlotte during the lunch recess. She tries to convince Lucifer that Chloe is not worthy of him.

Dan, Chloe, and Ella talk about he case.

Lucifer is on the witness stand. He gets out of the witness box and does a whole performance. It's so ridiculous, he gets a round of applause.

Dan and Ella investigate the meat cutter place. They talk to the woman who tells them about the scar on the guy's neck.

Lucifer continues his testimony.

Amenadiel visits Chloe's house. Maze and Chloe kiss. Maze knows about the bomb. She blows Chloe's car up to prove it to him.

Dan is on the witness stand. Lucifer takes the stand for Charlotte.

Chloe is mad at Lucifer for Charlotte's questioning. Dan confronts Charlotte about the case.

Amenadiel is in Linda's office and talks about Maze.

Dan visits Lucifer and shows him the scar of the triad. He, Maze, and Lucifer investigate the place. Maze is teasing Dan and he figures out that she knows about Maze and Charlotte. Lucifer gets pissed and he pushes them into the triad's lair. Guns are drawn on them.

Lucifer makes a deal to have Maze fight Kang. She kicks the guy's ass. The girl leader gives Lucifer the name of who he's looking for.

Charlotte wants to talk to Chloe.

Lucifer and Dan go to the place where the girl suggested they go for information. The guys are dead.

Charlotte wants Chloe to call Lucifer a liar and she'll do whateve she can to get the guy to plead guilty.

Chloe is on the stand. She says that Lucifer is not a liar.

The guy was found not guilty.

Amenadiel shows up at Maze's place. Penelope is there. They talk. Amenadiel notices something about Penelope and leaves.

Dan confronts Perry. the Russians take down Perry. All with Maze's help.

Amenadiel shares his information with Charlotte. Chloe is a miracle child. He was put here in Lucifer's path. Charlotte is excited at the prospect. Lucifer and Chloe lean in for a kiss at his place where they are sharing wine.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You are lying, Lucifer. To yourself.

Dr. Linda

Amenadiel: You can't kill her, mom.
Charlotte: Of course I can. I just push the button.