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Lucifer and Chloe are about to kiss when Jana comes in a spoils the party. Chloe leaves. Jana wants to get down and dirty, but Lucifer is't interested.

Chloe is making breakfast for Trixie. She doesn't want eggs. She wants sugary cereal that Maze bought. Trixie asks if she had a date.  She is soooooo cute! Maze comes in to show a newspaper report of Perry Smith being killed. Chloe isn't happy. She wanted the guy to rot in jail. It's ot the reaction Maze was expecting. She's pissed off and eats her cereal with vodka. Hilarious.

Charlotte visits Lucifer. He's in a bad mood.  She tells him that Chloe didn't turn on him despite what she tried to get her to do so. He's upset because he destroyed the relationship himself. Charlotte wants Lucifer to pursue Chloe.

At a crime scene, Lucifer tries to talk to Chloe. The murder happens to be of Jana. Chloe asks her about what happened with Jana the night before. Lucifer thinks she's jealous. Chloe continues her interrogation of Lucifer.

Maze is at the station with a newspaper to show Dan. She's all excited. He's very nervous. She wants to celebrate, he doesn't. 

Maze is not having a good day.

Lucifer is wearing a white suite. Cute. Lucifer is still trying to explain about Jana. chloe seems to think they don't have anything in common. What is their definition of fun.

They are investigating witnesses. Lots of the women know Lucifer and he's embarrassed. They question a pilot. Chloe gets a call about another murder. Another flight attendant. It's a man and Lucifer slept with him too. They will investigate everyone Lucifer slept with in the last 8 weeks.

A woman walks into the precinct. It's all the people Lucifer slept with. There's a whole bunch of women. Dan is in awe of Lucifer's conquests. He also reveals he's still in love with Chloe.

Chloe is questioning Lucifer's lovers. They all talk about how sleeping with Lucifer was the best night of their life. He's getting all giddy with pride at their adoration of his sexual prowess.

But his ego crashes when he realizes all the sex was meaningless. 

Chloe interrogates Charlotte.  Dan is freaking out about Chloe investigating Charlotte and asks Lucifer not to tell Chloe.

Maze is in Dr. Linda's office complaining about thankless friends.

Lucifer's lovers describe a girl in the corner of the Lux. Her name is Sookie. They go to her office and see a board filled with Lucifer pictures. The girl was obviously obsessed.

There are pictures of Chloe on the wall. The girl is in the bathroom. She tells them how much she's in love with him. She has information about all of Lucifer's lovers. She's a stalker. She even has commemorative dolls.

Charlotte is having espresso with Amenadiel. He's concerned about manipulating Lucifer and Chloe to get together so they can get home.

Dan is providing information on the pilot that was with the two stewardesses that died. Lucifer is chasing after the pilot in his car driving superfast. It's sort of funny, but he stoops the plane.

The pilot comes out with his hands up. He was afraid they were trying to kill him.

They question the pilot. He talks about smuggling. Lucifer uses his Lucifer skills on the guy. The guy desires to build a cat sanctuary.

He talks about a missing package. They ask Maze to be the flight attendant in the sting.

Amenadiel visits Lucifer. They talk about whether Lucifer is boyfriend material and Chloe.

Dan is at the airport bar when Maze walks in in her stewardess outfit. She gets Dan to force flirt with her. Maze blabs that he slept with Charlotte and Chloe hears in the van. She's aghast.

Chloe tells Lucifer she made a mistake. She goes off on him.

Burt comes to the bar and Maze goes to the hotel room with him. Maze beats the shit out of him. Turns out that Burt is not really Burt. This guy's name is Jim. Burt is outside and just pulled a gun on Lucifer.

Chloe and Dan go into the hotel room. Maze asks if she can keep him. They ask questions and realize that this guy is after Lucifer.

Burt seems to think Lucifer has the package. Lucifer uses Lucifer magic to get the gun then goes all Lucifer-y on him by showing his true devil face. 

Dan wants to talk to Chloe about Charlotte, A man in the hat takes the package from another guy. It's needles of some kind of liquid. The hat man kills the guy. This all happens in the hangar.

Chloe meets Lucifer on the beach. Lucifer tells Chloe it wouldn't work between them. He just wants to keep it professional. He sings her praises on why he doesn't deserve her. Then she kisses him.






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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Oh, no. Jana. Always with the tragic timing.


Chloe: I'm glad she showed up.
Lucifer: You are?
Chloe: Yeah. She just kept me from making a big mistake.