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Murder at a dog show.

Chloe and Marcus are getting married in three weeks because when you know you know.

Planning a wedding is hard.

Amenadiel cannot believe Chloe said yes. Since Lucifer cannot do the right thing, Amenadiel will try to figure out a real plan.

Since Chloe is going to take time off to plan her wedding, Lucifer is partnering with Dan.

Cain apologizes to Maze and shows her the mark is still on his arm. It's a fake scar.

Chloe has a wedding murder board.

Lucifer wants to know why Chloe did what she did so he's putting himself into her place and acting like Chloe. He's not going over the speed limit and he's acting like he cares about people.

Amenadiel now wants to do the same with Cain. He goes to Charlotte who suggests he use his similarities with Cain to weaponize them and get closer.

Lucifer wants Daniel to be him to his Chloe. Thusly, he shoves Dan into a club.

Meanwhile, Maze throws the worst "bachelorette" party for Chloe. It's a baby shower more than a bachelorette party.

Dan tries to get information from a guy and just as he was about to, Lucifer and SWAT came in to save lucifer from something he'd normally do.

The women are suffering through the terrible party.

Amenadiel and Cain bond over beers in their formal immortal club while Amenadiel reminds Cain how many ways they can die.

Charlotte and the girls order a party bus and Chloe is finally having fun. Maze is pissed off and I don't understand.

Oh. Maze wants the wedding to go on and is worried Chloe will get cold feet.

Dan finally gets his Lucifer on and saves the dog and Lucifer comes in and gives Dan a speech that turns the lights on in Lucifer's head.

Maze wants to kill Cain now, but he has Trixie on his lap. Chloe then appears to say she can't marry him after he suggests eloping instead of a big wedding.

Dan goes to see Charlotte to tell her he doesn't want to stay away from her. He wants her, all in, the whole deal.

Lucifer goes to work and instead of telling Chloe how he feels, he sees her missing ring and keeps his mouth shut.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Look, we solve murders! How hard can it be to plan one little wedding?


Even hot gets boring, Chloe. Dark days ahead, indeed.