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Lucifer visits Chloe and finds Maze looking for her knife. She wants to go home to hell. Now.

Chloe arrives and wonders why Maze can't stay. Before Lucifer and Chloe get too chatty, Pierce walks in after their "beach murder," and Lucifer heads out.

Pierce says he's good with all their coworkers to knowing about them. He's all in.

Charlotte is sharing her run-in with Amenadiel with Linda. She thinks it's so weird, but she can't understand why Amenadiel cared so much about who she was then or why he believes he's telling the truth.

Chloe admits to Lucifer at the scene of a real beach murder she's dating Pierce. Ella, of course, goes on about the beautiful babies Pierce and Decker would have totally overlooking Lucifer is so much hotter than Cain.

Then they notice Maze is the killer. Blowing off some steam, it seems.

Chloe being in the dark affects this case because she doesn't understand half of what Lucifer is saying.

While they're heading up the coast, Lucifer talks about romance, Pierce's gorilla-sized ham-hands and advanced age.

Amenadiel and Linda argue discussing things with Charlotte. She urges him to think about whether he's doing it because it's what's best for Charlotte or what's best for him.

While the team is trying to determine if Maze really did it, she comes in, confesses, and provides the murder weapon.

Pierce finally asks if something is going on between Chloe and Lucifer. He asks her about the jewelry, and when she repeats the "closest he ever came to penetrating her" line, it's not as funny as it sounded at the moment.

Maze heads into the clink despite the fact it doesn't seem she's guilty.

When Charlotte asks Lucifer for the truth, her gives it to her. She's stunned silent, and he wanders off.

Maze wants a hug from Ella, and Maze steals her stuff and ruins hugging.

Lucifer steps in on some canoodling. When Maze is told to stand there and look pretty while Barry the bowler is at the alley, things don't go well for him.

Charlotte essentially believes what Lucifer said but wants to know more about the story. She wants details, and Amenadiel almost tells her.

Maze is holding Barry Bowler while he's shot through the forehead.

Dan gives Pierce good advice about Chloe and Lucifer likening Lucifer to Chloe's cat, but Cain says he'd get rid of the cat. He's an asshole.

It's the wine place lady. After a while, Chloe asks to help Maze, and Maze says it's all her fault. She's the reason Lucifer won't take her home.

When Charlotte thinks she's one step from the looney bin, Amenadiel and Lucifer make a decision. Lucifer shows her his wings. Charlotte is very happy. She's not crazy.

Chloe talks with Pierce. She chooses him over Lucifer, removing the necklace. When Lucifer walks out into the parking garage, she decides to ride with Pierce.

Lucifer tries to make up with Maze. She still doesn't want to stay. Lucifer won't take Maze home.

Cain finds Maze at the bus stop. He can help them both get what they want if they only decide to work together.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Charlotte: You have to hear how crazy it really was. He said Lucifer is his brother. Which I guess is possible if one of them were adopted or raised with a different accent. Then he said I was his step-mom. But he's a grown man! His father would have to be ancient.
Linda [laughs weirdly]: Right!
Charlotte: As if I would go running around marrying old men and then forgetting all about it. Would I?

Maze: You went to hell for Pierce, a guy you don't even like, and you won't go to hell for me?
Lucifer: No
Maze: You will regret this, Lucifer.