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All it took was the previews and seeing Dan and Charlotte happy to know she'd the one eventually killed.

She's having nightmares that she's happy with her children and Dan at her side and a man bursts inside and shoots them in front of her. Dan is worried about her.

Lucifer is talking to Linda. He doesn't want to rock the boat. He wants things to go back to "normal." He is still a giant pain in the ass.

Chloe gets to a murder scene to discover Lucifer playing piano trying to make things normal by reminding her of how they met -- with him playing piano.

He then starts juggling priceless historical artifacts. They're not breast implants, but they'll do in a pinch.

Charlotte is freaked out. How will she know when it's enough? Until his wings are back, isn't he just as mortal as she is? He says that until his wings grow back, he's not even sure he'll go to heaven.

Charlotte finds a guy from her hell loop. She's sure he's the villain in the murder. 

Thirteen years ago, Charlotte's boss told her to incinerate a bag that belonged to an important client. That client was Forrest, and Charlotte is certain that bag was covered in blood. Lucifer tries to help Chloe see the truth by telling her the truth, and Charlotte freaks out. 

Lucifer laughs it off and says not to worry. Chloe won't believe him anyway. See? Classic Deckerstar.

Amenadiel is worried that he might be onto something. What if they're the ones who control all of it. They need to judge themselves and when they do come to an understanding, they will control who goes to heaven and hell.

Lucifer says it's nuts or else Amenadiel would have his wings just by wanting them. Because Lucifer doesn't understand comprehension.,

Forrest has a mistress. He was with her the night his wife was killed. Whoops. Things get a little wild in bed with them sometimes and dude fell right into the lamp.

The girl says Devon was having an affair with her CEO for years. It's time to hit up the CEO.

Maze wanders into Cain's place where he's watching everyone via a wall full of computers.

A new guy is photographing an ugly shoe. He's the next possible killer. Except Amenadiel is talking to another guy, the one who will be the bad guy.

Charlotte tells him he's the bad guy. She says hell is real and to trust her, all of them are going. She'd like him to try to fix things, too.

Amenadiel got some stuff on a USB drive.

Dan's super excited because he bought Charlotte a waffle maker. He's the waffle king and her maker is really old. So, ta da! He got a backup gift, too. A charm bracelet. Lucifer says ladies like jewelry better than household gifts, and Chloe says Lucifer isn't the authority of what women like.

When Dan gets to Charlotte's office, Amenadiel leaves. He finds Maze outside "crying," and tells her it's never too late to be forgiven and he'll always be there for her. She withdraws the syringe she was going to stab into his back.

Lucifer tries goes to Chloe's and tries to recapture the magic they had once before using the exact same actions he used the last time. Chloe wonders if he's making fun of her. She tells him normal hurts. He doesn't get it.

The ladies together realize Forrest was the real intended victim. 

Maze goes back to Cain. She isn't going to kill Amenadiel. God isn't a drive thru. You can't just order what you want. She knocks him down.

Chloe is talking to a guy who went to prison for 13 years for a crime he didn't commit. It was Forrest who committed the crime and it ties back to the stuff Charlotte initially burned 13 years ago.

Chloe thanks Charlotte for helping with the case and says maybe she can help with with Charlottes.

Forrest's girlfriend called Charlotte because he's getting violent again. Except when Charlotte says she still has the bag, he takes his girlfriend hostage. Thankfully, Chloe is there to save the day.

Charlotte and Amenadiel are having another talk about what it takes to stay out of hell, and he's proud of her for what she's done for others. She didn't do what she did with Forrest to help herself, but to help others.

After that realization, Cain takes aim at Amenadiel. Charlotte sees him and stands up to protect Amenadiel. Charlotte gets shot instead.

Lucifer tells Chloe the truth, but she still doesn't get it.

Charlotte dies and Amenadiel gets his wings back. He takes Charlotte home.

Chloe arrives to find Charlotte dead. She runs into Lucifer's arms. Dan runs to Charlotte and cradles her dead body. She's wearing the bracelet. Lucifer finds one of his brother's wings.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Cain: I have a new plan. Well, same plan, new victim.
Maze: Who's the sacrificial lamb?
Cain: God's favorite son.

Chloe: Is that someone playing piano?
Ella: I think so.
Chloe: At a crime scene?