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Lucifer doesn't like Chloe being with Cain because their banter is killed. Chloe is all verklempt and talking about cumming, DNA, and it's mortifying.

What looks like a cute boy was killed in the chest during a home invasion. He was a former heroin addict. A woman who looks a lot like she could play the sister of Louie Anderson on Baskets.

She is certain an angel broke into her house and saved her, and she has a photo of the figurine he took to prove it.

Amenadiel sounds very sketchy when he overspeaks about how an angel would have to be messed up to go to all the trouble to protect an ordinary human. And then Lucifer finds the ceramic Gabriel in his bedroom. Dun dun dun DUN.

Lucifer goes directly to Linda because he's wondering why he might have forgotten doing it. She suggests he's not dealing well with Chloe and Cain.

Lucifer looks like he's a BDSM nut when he goes to sleep, but Amenadiel wakes him with the morning paper. He was at it again, saving a San Bernadino family from a raging house fire.

Amenadiel is worried about himself. He thinks he's being punished for deciding to show Charlotte their divinity. And he wonders what is lying in wait for him! Lucifer says that would be a weird punishment.

Learning about divinity has changed Charlotte's life, but I cannot tell in what way. She does want to have sex with Dan in a closet at a restaurant, but that ends in tragedy (for Dan).

Meanwhile, Lucifer takes Chloe's non-advice to stay awake seriously, and we're treated to a fun run of Luci riding bikes, hosting a fight club, having a lot of sex, taking a lot of pills, and watching everything on TV from cooking shows to Bones.

Maze calls Chloe about getting back together, apparently, but Chloe says neither she nor Trixie is ready to join her again. Maze is nasty when she hangs up the phone, but while they were talking, Chloe recognized something Maze said to have come from someone else.

A ragged Lucifer runs into the office having determined he's Bones and Chloe is Booth.

Cain has asked Maze to kill him after the mark is gone.

Lucifer tells Chloe exactly why he's upset and doesn't trust Cain, but she doesn't believe him. She just knows how she feels when she's with Marcus.

Charlotte says she's never going to change, but in understanding that, she's already changed.

Chloe tells Trixie about Marcus, and she seems eager to get to know the man who has been making her mother so happy lately.

Lucifer is at the house of the man he and Chloe interviewed at the same time she recognizes him in some online research she's doing.

The woman saw a shadow from her figurines and fell into a religious trance. Lucifer cannot figure out how the figurine got into his room until he starts talking out loud and realizes Lucifer has been gaslighting him to keep him away from Chloe.

But then Lucifer finds out it's Maze who has been doing it. She's stalling him. 

While Lucifer races over there, Cain realizes he can't do what he wanted to do. He really does care for Chloe too much to hurt her as he had planned. Lucifer tracks down Cain and discovers his mark is gone.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

No offense, brother, but on the list of things to wake up to, your face falls somewhere on the list after horse's head and Coldplay tickets.


Will he be coming with you often because he is killing our banter.