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A kid is waiting outside lux at the end of a long line. He takes a chance and pays the door man. It's a dollar, but the guy lets Joey Palenchy in anyway.

Joey makes his way over to Lucifer who asks him what he desires.

Linda wants to know how angeling works. She wonders if powers come first and shape their personalities or if their personalities shape their powers. Lucifer is useless. He has no idea.

Chloe walks in on Pierce dressing in his office. She wants a personal day, but Pierce will only take it under advisement. Lucifer wonders why she's all hot and bothered by it.

When they get to their next case, it's Joey Palenchy.

Lucifer may have gotten Joey a job with the mob, as a runner. And since his legs were smashed post mortem, that may be a statement on his abilities to do said job.

Amenadiel and Linda are laughing over her chat with Lucifer and angel school, among other things, and things take a different turn.

The good guys go to Frankie Ferrante. He wants to find out who killed Joey and get payback. He was a good kid and they treated him like family.

Another body comes in, and it's another person Lucifer helped. Pierce and Lucifer agree on the Sinnerman. He's real. Maze is in Lucifer's apartment, but she gets angry and leaves when Lucifer answers a call that turns out to be the Sinnerman.

Suddenly, Chloe finds Pierce sexy.

Lucifer is locked in a warehouse where he got trapped by the Sinnerman. An angry Maze tracked him down because he earlier ignored her and then trapped him again. She wants an apology.

Meanwhile Chloe and Charlotte are visiting with Ferrante so they can get him to do their dirty work.

When Chloe stays to track what Ferrante will do next, Pierce is there with food. The sinnerman killed his brother. He needs to find him and make him pay for what he did.

Chloe reveals the anniversary of her father's death is coming up and that's why she needs the personal day.

Lucifer calls with a description of the Sinnermanand they realize the man they thought was a source is the Sinnerman. Pierce has him in his sites, but doesn't shoot. they got him.

Chloe stops Lucifer from talking to the Sinnerman, but the Sinnerman is already planning his escape.

Maze wants Linda to stay away from Amenadiel. She feels like he outsider and it doesn't feel good. She's trying to be human, and it's hard. Linda says she doesn't have anything to worry about, but that is clearly wrong.

Dan finds Charlotte crying in the bathroom. They have a chat and that's when Charlotte finds out she's in the men's room.

Lucifer looks around the police station waiting for his moment with the Sinnerman. When he walks into the interrogation room, the Sinnerman has taken out his own eyes so Lucifer will never know wht he wants.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Linda: OK. That was weird.
Amenadiel: Is it weird for us to be friends?
Linda: No. Of course not. I mean, can't a woman be friends with a, with a brilliant, tall, gorgeous, angel?
Amenadiel: Well, can't an angel be friends with an amazing, accomplished, beautiful, compassionate, woman? [They kiss.]
Linda: Um, I can't. This is a mistake.
Amenadiel: Um. OK. OK. I'm so sorry, Linda. [They kiss again.]

Well, I saw them in her office. Clearly about to bone.