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Lucifer picks up a ride from the desert from a guy stealing an armored truck. It was the jewelry thief from last season. Lucifer uses his skills to find out what the guy's desires are and takes the truck. he's greeted by a slew of cops and the guy is running in the desert in his underwear.

Lucifer is back at the Lux taking care of Linda. He shows Linda his wings. He asks Linda to cut off his wings because Maze isn't around. She's out bounty hunting. Linda refuses to cut the wings off.

Back at the station, Lucifer finds ut that no one was looking for him including Chloe. He's only been gone two days. He wants to find out who kidnapped him. He takes Chloe to the desert. At first, Chloe doesn't find anything, then she finds a guy buried in the sand.

Emma is on the scene being dramatic. Lucifer never heard of the guy who was killed. Lucifer is going to take Ella to the hotel where they found the key, but she has some things to do. She talks abut Pierce and how much she loves him and thinks he's a rock star.

Marcus Pierce arrives at the department. He's not impressed with Lucifer, Dan or Chloe. Ella is still all high on him.

Amenadiel arrives at the station to talk to Lucifer. He was concerned about him. Lucifer tells him about Charlotte and Amenadiel is sad. Amenadiel tells him he didn't get his powers or wings back. Lucifer doesn't tell him about his own wings.

Ella comes in to give Lucifer information on the case and introduces herself to Amenadiel. 

Lucifer and Chloe investigate a lead that takes them to the A hotel. They question Josh and take him into the station. He tells Chloe about fake kidnapping pranks via a company called Snatched he does with Steve, the guy who was killed.

Amenadiel shows up at the Lux and finds a woman Lucifer sets him up with called Remedy. He goes into the back room to get towels and finds Lucifer's wings. 

Back at the station, Lucifer is going to tell Chloe the truth, but he can't get his devil face on. Chloe thinks he's being ridiculous, is hurt, and leaves.

Chloe and Lucifer are updating Marcus. Dan is going to get kidnapped via plan put together by Lucifer. Marcus wanted him to be the kidnapped one, not Lucifer. he tells her about Charlotte and that he's hurt about her not knowing who he is.

Dan and Lucifer have a discussion about Charlotte, but Dan isn't very nice about it.

Amenadiel is looking for Lucifer and asks Ella where he's at. Ella tells him about God working in mysterious ways. 

Dan is waiting for the kidnappers. They take Lucifer instead of Dan. Lucifer is with the kidnappers who are trying to work him over but he resists and has tied the guys up.

Back at the station, Dan and gang are trying to locate Lucifer. Ella figures out the guy at the scene is the killer. Meanwhile, Lucifer already has his address. Lucifer shows his wings to the guy. Instead of the face the wings come out. The guy doesn't know anything. 

Chloe shows up and arrests the guy.

Pierce approaches Decker and she thinks its about Lucifer and doesn't shut up. All Marcus wanted to tell her was that the perp got bail. Chloe jsut made a fool out of herself.

Lucifer arrives at Lux to find Amendiel knows about his wings. Amenadiel is angry with himself. Lucifer shows him his wings ... that he cut them off but they came back. He tells Amenadiel that his devil face is gone too. Amenadiel thinks Lucifer has been forgiven. Lucifer tells him about the Sinnerman. 

Chloe and Lucifer find the perp who was released on bail dead under the pier. Could the Sinnerman have killed him?




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