Jealousy over Karnal - Lucifer
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DJ BlueBallz is electrocuted through his headphones at a concert. Lucifer and Chloe arrive together and Ella immediately gathers they were together when she called. Chloe's ex, Jed ("DJ Karnal") was set to perform at the concernt and they soon learn he was the intended target.

In catching up, Chloe tells Jed she is not in a relationship and Lucifer struggles to reign in his jealousy. He is not alone, as Dan does not like him either because he is Chloe's first love and Dan always felt he was in his shadow.

To keep Jed safe during the investigation, Lucifer offers to bring Jed with him to the penthouse. There, Jed tells Lucifer things didn't work oout with Chloe because she liked it more when they had unresolved sexual tension prior to getting together.

After she learned everything about him, she supposedly was no longer interested, as there was no more mystery to solve.

Taking Jed's advice, Lucifer decides to be a mystery for Chloe and starts to ignore her calls the rest of the day.

In an effort not to end up like her mother and become more emotionally available, Maze decides to dress and act more like Ella.

Charlie has been fussy, causing Linda and Amenadiel some stress. Later, Amenadiel upsets Linda and she goes with the girls to a rave. Amenadiel calls Dan for help with Charlie and Lucifer comes along.

They find Lucifer's devil face is the only thing to calm Charlie down. After leaving, Michael tricks Dan into going back to the house and he sees Lucifer's devil face.

Ella decides to give a nice guy, Pete, a chance.

Chloe and Lucifer apologize to each other for their behavior over the day and get hot and heavy in bed.

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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Chloe: So, what do we have?
Ella: BlueBallz.
Lucifer: You too?

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Ella: You two bow-chicka-wow-wow?
Chloe: No, no. We just kissed. And then guess what? You called, so here we are.