Couples Therapy - Lucifer
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The morning after Chloe and Lucifer sleep together for the first time, they realize she now has Lucifer's mojo and can get him to tell her his desires. Lucifer, however, is no longer able to do it.

Ella is ecstatic to know they've finally taken the plunge, worried her Deckerstar dreams would be crushed again. Ella, too, has moved forward with Pete.

Lucifer checks with Linda if everyone he's slept with now has his mojo, but they realize it's only Chloe.

Amenadiel tries to remember what he did with his time before having Charlie. Maze tries to help by giving him his old robe, then engaging in a fight. The two start making out, but she realizes it isn't working for her. 

Maze worried only an angel would be able to love a soulless demon like herself. Amenadiel tells her not to give up hope.

Lucifer, Chloe, and Ella investigate a meticulous serial killer. When they find the suspected killer, Les Klumpsky, he gets the jump on Lucifer and injects him with a paralytic. Chloe comes and arrests him, but she feels something is off about the whole think.

Chloe tells Lucifer the mojo thing might be a sign she's just put a small dent in the wall he's put around himself.

Now that he knows Lucifer and Hell are real, Dan is distraught and tells Charlotte (at her grave) he's afraid he won't see her in Heaven. Michael appears to Dan and tells him there's a way for redemption.

Dan later shows up to Lucifer's penthouse while Chloe is there and shoots Lucifer.

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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Ella: OMG! I was so ready to have my Deckerstar dreams crushed again.
Chloe: Why?
Ella: Because it’s been one bummer after another with you two. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Lucifer: Are you cold?
Chloe: Cold? No, why?
Lucifer: Odd, given that Hell was supposed to freeze over.
Chloe: Right, ‘cause I said that I wouldn’t have sex with you until Hell… yes, yes, you think you’re very funny.