Faux Lucifer and Chloe
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Lee, aka Mr. “Said Out Bitch,” returns as a murder victim.

Maze has been helping Chloe out on her cases as her “new Lucifer” since Lucifer left. 

Amenadiel has taken over Lux in Lucifer’s absence, trying to stop crime. He and Dan have a heart-to-heart, in which Dan makes Amenadiel realize he can't rid the world of evil for his son.

Lucifer realizes Lee was murdered in LA, and after realizing Chloe is probably investigating it, decides to solve his murder.

Lee was $700,000 in debt to a “Dirty Doug.” Chloe and Maze go undercover to one of Doug’s poker games, and after they confront him about Lee’s death, the actual culprit, Vernon Gill, flees the scene and is hit by a car. Lucifer sends a demon into Gill’s dead body to give Chloe a message to help solve the crime.

Lucifer takes Lee to the root of why he’s in hell: he left his family because he’d always be a disappointment. Lee turns it around on Lucifer, accusing him of projecting.

Chloe tells Maze she needs to process and finally accept the fact Lucifer isn’t coming back. Maze says they don’t need him and kisses her. Chloe tells Maze she is not good, either, after Eve. She thinks the two of them are using their partnership to fill a void, and they should take a step back.

After finding Lee's sister at his storage unit, Chloe takes her home and they are met with his former companions, looking for money. The men open fire until Lucifer shows up and helps Chloe take them all out. Chloe and Lucifer share a kiss.

Except in hell, Lucifer tells Lee he has every faith in The Detective and she doesn’t need his help topside. Lucifer has a doppelganger impersonating him on Earth!

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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I mean, at least you guys got to say goodbye. Me? Ghosted completely.


Chloe: Maze, just because you happen to have slept with that one murder victim a few weeks ago doesn’t mean that you slept with them all.
Maze: How am I supposed to keep up?
Chloe: With the murder victims or the people you’ve slept with?
Maze: Either.
Ella: Wow. Maze is really settling into her role as your new Lucifer.