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Ace is slowly but steadily moving ahead with his plan for revenge. This week, he requests at a company board meeting that the board purchase more stock in the racetrack. Ace also recruits a member of his company, Nathan Israel, to work solely for him in his business with Mike.

On his way up to his apartment, Ace is accosted by Claire Lachey, a woman who works for a non profit that sets up broken down racehorses with convicts to help care for them. Naturally, she thinks Ace would be interested in this program. Intrigued, he takes her card.

Lonnie is released from the hospital after being attacked last week. The gamblers are still intent on buying Mon Gateau, the horse that clinched their Pick 6 win for them. After negotiating with Mulligan who won the horse in a claiming race and getting Escalante to agree to train the horse, the railbirds successfully purchase the horse.

Escalante is particularly grouchy since his scheme of making his horses look rundown to increase their odds and his payout seems to have been spotted. Jo, his girlfriend and stable vet, tries to comfort him.

This week is a bad one for jockeys. Ronnie Jenkins rides Gettin’ Up Morning in the colt’s first race, but Ronnie falls and breaks his collar bone. Apprentice jockey Leon faints in the steam room trying to sweat off some weight and cracks his head on the tile floor. Without a jockey for Gettin’ Up’s next race, Walter decides to find a temporary rider and calls to see how Rosie is doing since having left California.

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Luck Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ace: He's here based on what?
Head of Board: You want me to get rid of him?
Ace: Don't answer a question with a question.
Head of Board: He's exceptional with muni derivatives.
Ace: Send him up to my place.

He work like what you paid for him. Tell whoever you want. And, uh, for what just happened here, say he showed he got a good mind.

Escalante [to Gus]