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Ace finally meets with Mike to discuss his plan for the racetrack. Their meeting is tense, but by the end Mike wants in on Ace's scheme. Back at his apartment, Ace meets with Claire about her Thoroughbred charity and agrees to donate some money. Ostensibly his interest in the charity is just to help, but he clearly is romantically interested in Claire.

Due to Ronnie's accident last week, Rose has a chance to ride Gettin' Up Morning in a real race. The colt breaks badly out of the gate and is running lengths behind the pack, but Rosie pushes him. He responds and manages to win the race. This catches the attention of everyone at the track. 

But Gettin' Up Morning's run come at a price. The colt comes off the track with a bloody nose. Jo, the vet, scopes him and finds something wrong with his lungs. Walter is plunged into despair - he can't lose both Delphi and Gettin' Up Mornings.

Jerry loses tens of thousands dollars to Leo at the poker table. Unable to break free from his addiction, he follows Leo back to his Chinese restaurant to continue playing, which puts him in a dangerous situation. Luckily, his friends show up and and manage to get him out. 

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Luck Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Renzo: I'll be okay pooling my share. You know. Split up again.
Marcus: What are you, a communist?
Renzo: Absolutely not.
Lonnie: I'm the farthest thing from it.
Marcus: So whatever the f**k is wrong with Jerry you don't make him whole by giving him money. Whoever made him didn't make him whole. That's the way he is, and we better f**kin' recognize that or else we're a**holes.

Ace: Yeah, well, don't look at me like I've got intentions that I haven't had for some time.
Gus: How do you know I'm looking at you?
Ace: I can tell.
Gus: Well, for however I'm looking I apologize.
Ace: Sexual attraction and so forth, that ship sailed some time ago and left port. If I can help the woman that's what I want to do.
Gus: She seems like a very nice woman.
Ace: I've been confused about my behavior for some time now, I can tell you that.