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Escalante enters Ace's horse, Pint of Plain, into a race without consulting Gus. Gus confront the trainer about his decision. Ace calls Escalante out on his betting scheme and demands that the jockey who is supposed to ride Pint, Leon, be bumped. Ace hands Escalante five thousand dollars to give to Leon to make it up to him. Still, Leon is crushed.

The next day, after giving Claire his donation to her charity, Ace brings her to the track to watch Pint of Plain run. Pint is injured in the race, but still manages to win. That night, Ace sleeps outside of the horses stall to make sure the colt is okay.

Marcus goes to the doctor and learns that stress is aggravating his cardiomyothapy. The doctor prescribes him Valium to help him stay calm. Later, in a Valium haze, Marcus says he thinks he's in love with Jerry. Unfazed, Jerry says that Marcus just doesn't know what it's like to have a buddy, a good male friend that he cares about. Feeling better, Marcus and Jerry meet up with Renzo and Lonnie who give them their stable t-shirts. The shirts say "Foray Stables".

Discouraged by one bad blow after another, Joey calls his ex-wife for some comfort or companionship. She never returns his calls and he nurses his self-pity and heartbreak with some drinks. 

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Luck Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

The jock says he won with a double handful. This horse is a running motherf**ker.


Jo: He's standing quiet.
Escalante: The horse?
Jo: The horse.
Escalante: Yeah. Good.