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An earthquake this week shakes everyone up. Concerned for their horses well-being, Ace and the Degenerates race down to the check on the animals. Everyone has made it through unscathed. With Pint of Plain safe, Ace returns his focus to his plot for revenge. Nathan has his first visit with Mike, DiRossi, and Cohen. He convinces them Ace has the Indian Gaming Board in his pocket. Intrigued, Mike decides to hire Nathan as well. Nathan reports all this back to Ace, and it seems everything is going according to plan. Later, Ace has dinner with Claire. They discuss how horses have the ability to change people. Claire urges Ace to not be afraid of the positive changes horses can work in him.

With both his jockeys angry with him, his ex-wife dismissive, and few prospects on the horizon, Joey is at the end of his rope. After one last call with his ex, Joey decides to kill himself. Just as he's about to pull the trigger, the earthquake shakes his apartment and distracts him. The gun fires and the bullet ricochets around the room only to find its way back to Joey, grazing his cheek. At the hospital, Joey finds that his stutter is gone. 

Leon rides Mon Gateau in a race, but as he's coming down the homestretch, he crosses out of his lane and bumps another jockey. His win is contested, but after review, it stands. The gang of gamblers rejoice.

Gettin' Up Morning has his second race at the track, and he easily gains the lead. As he breaks away from the pack, Rosie whips the colt to spur him on. This sends Walter over the edge. After the race, he snaps the crop out of her hand and throws it away. Later, she apologizes for whipping Gettin' Up Morning. Walter forgives her, but his troubles aren't over. The son-in-law of the owners of Delphi has come to claim Gettin' Up Morning. Walter must fight the charges if he wants to keep his horse.


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Luck Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Nathan: If I'm gonna feel sick all the time, I don't if I'm gonna want to do this.
Ace: Do you feel sick?
Nathan: Yeah.
Ace: 'Cause you're an honest man, so far.

Claire: I've seen people profoundly changed simply by being in proximity to horses. Their size, their virtue, their complicatedness, their renowned patience and something. Don't be afraid of that, Chester.
Ace: Of what?
Claire: Everything that can be.